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All Nighter

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I’m just leaving the office. For most it’s lunchtime. Lunch outside of the office is a rarity all on it’s own (can count the number of times in the past 3 years). But I’m leaving for the first time since arriving at 9am….yesterday. Yep, 27.5 hours. My first full post-college all nighter on a project.

Again, not uncommon in my office – just usually not a part of my role.

But the thing I’m most surprised by is how well I kept up. I’ve pulled many nights past midnight. They usually add to extra trips to the M&M jars. Or snacking on someone’s left over chips & salsa {ok interruption: I just paid $4.25 for a small iced coffee – WTF?!}. But this time I did binge from exhaustion. I didn’t start to crash until 10am and only had a few extra chocolates and drank more water than coffee.

I know I’m not the only one with crazy hours at the office…how do you stay clear headed & keep from throwing healthy decisions out the window?

And I know it’s NYC & all and am willing to splurge on coffee but $4.25 for a small?? Really?? Apparently I’m not that clear headed.

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