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My PSA to Floss


Etsy. (not really sure who you would share these with....but they're cute!)

How often are you reminded that you should floss more? Or say that you will?
I’ll admit it, I’m lazy when it comes to my dental care. It’s the doctor visit I’ll put of the most, the one I’ll constantly reschedule.
I did the braces thing but was not very good about my retainer.
 [wow anyone remember the cartoon braceface?]
Low bloodsugars had me downing sugar in the middle of the night and I can guarantee there was no re-brushing my teeth while 1/2 asleep.
There’s been plenty of cavities.
And a crown.
And now pockets?
Pockets? What the h are those? Sounds kind of silly and not so serious right?
Apparently not – it’s the beginning of Periodental disease.
Thanks Mom  & Dad {though apparently it’s not really their fault}.
And since I tried to ignore this my last visit, I’m paying for it {literally} now with treatments, thankfully just antibiotic shots that I’m hoping aren’t really shots.
If only I flossed more.
$2 for floss and 30 seconds is sounding way better than a few hundred and drills.
Oh and did you know that fillings aren’t forever?? I have to have two redone. Because it was so fun the first time…
And that my friends, is my PSA in dental care. Lets see if I listen to myself.

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