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Monday Night Yoga : I made a friend!

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I made a friend last night!

Ok, it might be a little creepy/premature to pull out such labels but anyways…

While I’d like to think I’m friendly at the gym, I usually stay in my zone 

with my headphones on & nothing more than a smile or a nod.

Tonight, after a quick boost on the elliptical, as I was waiting in line for Yoga the girl in front of me & I started to chat. She was just starting her practice again after a long break, I’ve come & gone to this class for over a year now. After some talking I realized she was new to the gym & still figuring out what classes she liked. We bonded over mutual fear of spinning.

After class, we walked out together swapping gym preferences & small talk. We even built up a little networking, showing appreciation for each other’s industry & how we could help one another. A possible future gym buddy & someone to talk business with? Score!

Oh and Yoga tonight?

I packed a long sleeve pullover, a pair of shorts, a pair of capris and a t-shirt. ….. No sports bra. And I was wearing my worst strapless. Fail. Forget support (not much required)…I just feared it falling down… so needless to say, I was a little preoccupied during class & didn’t really get into the poses. Also, my hips and knees decided they weren’t quite ready for all the chair poses and my arms & core were definitely not ready for this:

Flying Crow


Your turn:

Do you make friends at the gym / in a fitness class easily ?

What’s the most challenging pose / move that you’ve done recently?

Favorite Finds:

Did you know that Pop-tarts was one of the top foods purchased for the hurricane?

According to Hungry Girl, today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day …should have had this for breakfast

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