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Falling into September

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How many references to songs / movies / quotes with September in it did you hear yesterday?

: apartment therapy”]

No matter how many years I’ve been out of school [sigh], September still brings that back – to-school, fresh start feeling. As much as I love sunshine & warm weather, I’m realizing that Fall is my favorite season. Summers have always been crazy busy…trying to make the most of all that sunshine. Once Labor Day hits, it allows for a collective deep breath and an ease into Fall.

Now, I’m not busting out the cans of pumpkin yet and despite constant re-pinning of riding boots, I’m getting a few more wears out of my sandals.

But there’s something collective about September and Fall. It’s a time for many birthday celebrations. Funny how birthdays are often grouped together in my life. Work friends are June – August, cousins (& me!) are in March, family adults are in September and the majority of my nearest & dearest are between now & November.

Yeah, my workouts have been non-existent these past two weeks but time to jump back into feeling healthy.

Time to get focused.

And to enjoy all the things I love of this way too short perfect weather!

And one of my favorite things about September?


: Refinery29″]: Refinery29″]


Your turn:

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

Did you have a back-to-school tradition?

Any new goals set?

What are your long weekend plans? 


Favorite Finds:

Why was I not relaxing on one of these all summer??

Yogurt Brulee 

Great post from Foodtrainers dealing with the question is it ever ok to give unsolicited nutrition advice?


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