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A Nutty Day

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Breakfast : waffle + pb & iced coffee

Lunch: smoothie w. macadamia butter & almond milk 

Snack: mixed nuts *

Dinner: waffle + pb (a lot) & ice cream 

yep that seems about right. 

In other fun news: I had two fillings today + treatment for “pockets.”

Remember to floss kids. 

(image source)

* Yesterday broke a 6 month detox from hitting up the office assortment of walnuts, honey roasted peanuts, macadamia nuts & the likes. Making today the second day in a row of filling up a coffee cup. Tomorrow it’s back on the bandwagon…..I’ll save them for my salad!


Your turn:

Does your office offer snacks ? 

What’s your go to easy meal / snack / source of food ?     

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