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Monday Night Yoga: Crowded Shoulder Stands

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I know I say this often but : I love my Monday night yoga class, and I’m not alone.  I was in line 10 minutes before class which got me one of the last mats & a make shift spot. And people squeezed in after. Short of being mat-to-mat, I think that may have been the most crowded class yet.

source: yoga journal


The pose of the day [I never paid attention to this but my teacher is now on twitter and has made official poses of the day] was shoulder stand. Boy did we work our way up. LOTS of chaturangas and upward dog. Despite the crowd , it was a great class; I felt strong, built up a sweat and worked my arms.


Your turn:

Do you walk out of a crowded class or squeeze into a spot?

Do you know the longest you’ve ever held a shoulder stand?

The instructor mentioned how 15 minutes was recommended from Light on Yoga


Favorite Finds: 

There’s a great article in the October issue of SELF magazine : The trials of a chubby yogi.

 Having been the kid in an adult class from the start I learned not to compare myself. But now more among peers, I can’t help notice at times that I’m often the line-backer of the class: a head taller and far from the slimmest & most graceful of the bunch.  Thought the article was a refreshing perspective. 


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