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Monday Night Yoga: Breathing, Balancing & Boys

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Tonights we took a break from planks and strength poses and focused on balance and breathing.

I’ve learned to carry over yoga breathing into everyday stressful situations (ie: work) – like how some people count to 10 – as a pause button. But I haven’t fully developed my breathing practice on the mat. I’m often out of sync, thinking about other things, or aim my attention at the poses …. I know, I know, that’s missing a big focus of yoga.

It’s just not my favorite part which is why I steer clear of Kundalini classes.

[ Funny note: I was trained in the Kundalini method for teaching kids – some how when you get to imagine colors & bubbles & fire-breathing dragons it’s more fun.]

After some alternate nostril breathing (by the way – 16 counts is long!) we moved on to balancing.

The class was crowded and I definitely felt that having limited space and being so close to people added a challenge.

The pose of the day was lord of the dance.

lord of the dance , natarajasana


At first glance this seemed super easy in comparison to the recent challenges, this is something that I do variations of while waiting for the subway or at the office.  One of those “stretch while you brush your teeth” poses.

But what’s nice about doing a “simpler pose” is digging a little deeper and really finding the right alignment . And sometimes even taking it a step farther

 and it goes even further. But we didn’t go there  – I had trouble even grasping my foot in both hands so I just worked on the details of the basic version.

mens yoga{source: not my dad, wasn’t in my class either but find out what a man should wear to yoga}

My dad was the one to introduce me to yoga so while I know yoga can be perceived as girly, I also know that real men do yoga too. My favorite instructor is male.

But that said, I do have to agree that  majority of my classes are filled with women.

Sometimes I see guys with girlfriends or girl friends.

Last night, next to me were a group of guys. I couldn’t tell if they were completely new or just starting out.

In my anthropological nature, I found it interesting to see how these guys handled the challenges. To me there’s something almost more impressive with someone wobbling through a pose but figuring themselves out  than a person who effortlessly & beautifully transforms.


Your turn:

Do you find balance or strength poses more challenging ?

Do you enjoy breathing exercises?

 Is your yoga class pretty balanced in gender?


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ok ok, maybe you should just go check out Fit Sugar because they have tons of great features.

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