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Celebration in the blogworld & many thank-yous

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Ahhhh! There are so many celebratory things going on in the blogsphere!

Whether it’s a just announced baby (I gasped as I caught on to the clues – hearing how they told the family brought me to tears).

Or a recently born baby (each 3 parts of the birth story was so beautifully written)

To Marathon Mania

In Savannah

Setting 1/2 marathon & full marathon PRs with loved ones.

And in New York 

Shattering PRs , remembering why we run (this is my mantra), pushing friends cheering friends on and not giving up.

Is your heart all warm and fuzzy now? Because stalking these ladies’ blogs have encouraged me, motivated me and comforted me as I’ve tried to figure out who I am as a runner.

Most of all: they reminded me that whatever I set my goal to, it can be accomplished.

Only I was never good at setting goals.

Until now.


November 4th, #ingnycm. Things are about to get interesting.

I was always one of those silent creepers  readers who never commented and now I find myself emailing each blogger to thank them for how much they’ve influenced me in one way or another.

And just in case you need a little more to smile about :  Quiet Ryan  | Tres Sugar


Your turn:

Who influences your fitness habits?

One thought on “Celebration in the blogworld & many thank-yous

  1. Yes! November 4! I can’t wait. And thank you for the shout out and for reading. Can’t wait to follow your training to next year’s NYC Marathon! Game on!

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