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Friday Favorites : 11/11/11

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Wish I may, wish I might

Did you make your wish(s) this morning??  

I’m pretty sure that I had the same wish every birthday … and it still hasn’t come true (no it was not for a cure – I’ve actually never wished that). I’ve never seen a shooting star, brush off eyelashes before making a wish, don’t think I’ve ever broken a wish bone. No magic genies here.

But here are a few of my favorite things, happy friday!

– Ben’s response to Runner’s World social media slip.  –

Speaking of which…need to pick up this months issue


Ryan Gosling

Pop Sugar pulled some top photos for his birthday.  Or you could go here (can I re-pin them all?). note: I actually was never a big celebrity crusher and never super crazy about them. Ryan changes that game – he can do no wrong – in movies , style or his appreciation for women.


May also be part of why I’m a fan of this band …..or maybe it’s their fun shows & good music.


These that went with my Just Salad creation. My love for them has me thinking I might like these.


Your turn:

Celebrity crush ? 

Savory or sweet chips? 

Are you superstitious ? 

One thought on “Friday Favorites : 11/11/11

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