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Monday Night Yoga: Core Strength & Exhale

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Exhale Slow Flow {taught by Stefanie Eris}

This class is perfect for you if you are just starting out or want to work on improving form and positioning. Exhale slow flow is a dynamic series that will breakdown yoga postures and focus on alignment. Enjoy an experience that can help to deepen your practice, build strength and flexibility, and at a level of challenge that will be determined by you.

I forgot what it’s like to do yoga in a studio.
Dark. Soothing. Quiet.
After spending so much time away from a studio I was intimidated by Exhale, it’s poshness, advanced classes and the devoted cries from Core Fusion.
Convincing a co-worker of mine to come to a class, the 1x yogi  & I opted for the slow gentle class over Core Fusion.
Even though, I’ve long ago over come any intimidation or self-doubt in yoga practice  (what’s going on on my mat is my situation – what’s going on on yours is yours) I still needed someone to walk through the door with.

One thing I couldn’t figure out : Do you bring a mat or is one provided? And not in the rent a mat for $2  type way. Answer: They have everything you could need  – props, water cooler, mat, locker room – all provided.

Already tight from skipping the past two weeks and my morning run, I was ready to sink into my muscles and feel the deeper stretch. Oh boy. I forgot how studio instructors will help make adjustments to your positioning. Some people may feel that as invasion of space – I think of it as close to a massage as I’m going to get as they help me reach deeper into the pose.

Lots of hip openers. I’m so use to my IT bands being the cause of attention to my legs. This week it has been every other muscles.

 I should be aiming at one class per week at Exhale.

 So despite the fact that I winced in that #hurtssogood kind of way all Monday morning, I knew more yoga would only make it better.

Lucky for me it was all about the core.

Boat Pose Yoga Journal{source

When I saw that the pose of the day was Boat Pose I sighed with relief, yay nothing crazy for when I was already hobbling. 

Again, little did I know. 

Hello abs, I know you’ve been a little neglected, time to get worked.

Early into the class we were holding planks and the instructor calls out “push through it” only to walk over and play some 80s hip hop “push through it song.” Planks are hard. Planks while laughing are harder. 

And my yoga adventures continue as I have another Urban Girl Squad event at Pure Yoga tomorrow night with a former co-worker.


Your Turn:


 Have you ever been intimidated to take a group class? 

Are you a studio or gym yogi?


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