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Still giving thanks

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Some times it’s easiest to focus on what’s not going the ideal way.
I found out last week that my 11/11/11 wish didn’t come true.
Blood sugars are a mess & we’re just entering the holiday craze.
Exercise is weak.

– But Thanksgiving is a reminder to let all of those things go and focus on the good things that fill my life. – 


A few things I’m thankful for:

1. Roasted Brussel Sprouts. I love ’em. Should enjoy them more.

2. My wonderful, amazing friends. Most of my closest friends live outside NYC and come from various points in my life but no matter what,we’re there for each other.

3. Black dresses + boots. This is my new travel uniform.

4. The ability to run. Sometime not without pain or trouble but with full capability.
5. Coffee. Always
6. Fro-yo. Especially the 16-Handle birthday cake, pumpkin spice & apple pie variety

7. Sunshine. It makes me happy.

8. My diabetes.  Yes that’s right. Sometimes it sucks (especially recently) but out of all the things in life, I’m glad I’m facing a challenge that is well-recognized and has plenty of support in research. It could be worse. It could always be worse.

9. Living in NYC. It’s not always easy or relaxing but it’s empowering & eventful.

10. Chocolate. I don’t understand people who don’t like chocolate.

11. The Internet – what would I do without the internet?

12. My family. We may all be growing older & far apart but it is the meaning of unconditional love & support.
13. Pinterest. I’m addicted. It makes me happy.
14. Blogs. I have learned so much from stalking reading blogs – from the authors, the community & myself.
15. My independence. Not just in the American freedom way but in the way that I was raised and allowed to make my own choices & judgements.


It’s easy to take these things plus more for granted. Part of the independence + diabetes mix makes me very self-focused. It’s nice to take a step away from my current happenings, good & bad, and take a look around.


Your turn:

Is there anything unexpected that you’re thankful for? 

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