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Monday Night Yoga: When I need it the most, I neglect it the most

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I didn’t go. again.
I’ve been whining (mostly to myself) about my knee, hip and IT Band.
They’re all a tight mess.
And then I roll my eyes at myself
(no? ok I sigh).
I know what the problem is.
I need to stretch. And strength train.
Just under a year ago I was in PT, benched from any activity and looking forward to simply adding a new stretch to the routine.
I made time for foam rolling – because that was the only thing I could do.
And while strength training is going to require some better discipline
(foreshadow 2012 goals…), stretching should be a cinch.
I’m the girl that stretches at the bus stop. On the bus. At my desk. While brushing my teeth.

But what I really need is to keep up with is the yoga.
I’ve missed two weeks of Monday night classes – my most consistent one.
And I feel it.

My body feels it. And my mind does too.

Plus I like it.

Though, I’ve developed the new habit of rocking out (ok Pandora shuffle) to yoga music to calm the nerves.

The kicker?  Many often get into a “rut” or “fall off the wagon” during this time of year with holiday festivities.
I can’t even call that my excuse. Primarily work. And working on that 11/11/11 wish.

Same old, same old.

Here’s hoping for a recharge during the holidays!


You’re turn:

Do you struggle to work out during the holidays? 

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One thought on “Monday Night Yoga: When I need it the most, I neglect it the most

  1. I have been having problems with my knee/IT band as well (I have an MRI tomorrow). I can’t run and it is driving me insane! I finally went back to yoga this morning and I am so glad I went. It definitely is a struggle to say motivated during the holidays though!

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