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Despite kicking my own butt with self-created strength routing {ie: pulling together a list of exercises I knew I could at least attempt} I knew I wanted to mix it up and have some guidance. After being slightly intimidated by the Tone It Up girls {we didn’t really have cheerleaders in high school….} I couldn’t ignore the fact that they put together some killer routines that are widely used. I’m not following any of their challenges directly, one training plan (1/2 marathon) is enough to attempt alone, but I wanted to give them a shot.

Last Thursday I did my run in the morning but left my strength training for the evening … with very little time & energy. So I decided to tackle the Slim & Tone Your Thighs workout video from TIU which included:

 Squat with leg abductions

 Plie Squat 

Single leg deadlift {+ 3lb weights} 

 Curtsey Squat 

{each 3 sets of 15 per side}

They recommend doing stairs…I do 5 flights 2 times a day…I consider stairs done.
Holy hamstrings! It may not have been much but I was feeling this Friday.
Heck my hamstrings are still feeling it.

Monday I slacked in the strength training and left it for late night too. Over the weekend I had a chance to check out the TIU website for more workouts and found this old one from Christmas:

{click image for video & full workout from Tone It Up }

It included:

Angel wings {squats} x 20 

MistleTOE touches & reach for the stars (deadlift reaches) x 20 

Raindeer Row x 20 

Nutcracker into Candy Cane xt 20 

Santa’s Sleigh (I had socks…I did not have paper plates) x 20 

Deck the halls (lunges) x 50 

You’re suppose to do the circuit 3x …I did it 1x.

 But after being reminded of the power of Donkey Kicks I added:

Donkey Kicks 2 x 25 per side

Side leg raises 2 x 25 per side

Why hello glutes, nice to know that you exist.

My goal for this week is to fit in at least one circuit for arms & core…b/c lord knows those muscles haven’t been worked in ages and I’m ready to make them hurt.


Your turn:

Do you follow plans for strength training or put together your own circuit ?

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