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Valentine’s Day

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I should have done a tally of how many men I saw carrying flowers on my run & commute to work this morning. When I got back from my run there was an Edible Arrangement van filled with deliveries right outside my building….I don’t know how he missed my apartment….

I’m neither one of those girls that wears all black and curses Hershey’s & Hallmark (why would anyone refuse a chance to get chocolate?) nor am I decked out in Pink & Red (apparently I don’t have a lot of it in my closet) sending hearts & candygrams to every friend/acquaintance/stranger.

Though I do (obnoxiously) call the people dear to me “love” all the time.
As well as buttercup & sunshine and anything else that peps me up.

I have soccer tonight & my team already declared that we’re each others Valentine and will buy each other a drink after the game.

Works for me.

But if I didn’t, this would be hands down the best way to spend this evening.

Meanwhile, I’ll smile at the sweet gestures I spy, continue to geek out over the way marketers leverage the day {whether aiming at the last-minute guys or the “I love myself” girls} and enjoy the pink, red & gold that has splashed the design & fashion blogs I stalk.

I did get into the spirit last night with the Tone It Up Valentine’s Day Routine

 When I first read it I thought it said complete 6x and thought there was no way in hell that was happening – going through the entire thing once was enough for me.

Then I realized I wouldn’t be cutting it as short as I thought.
And I should read directions.
How I did it: 
Heart with Leg Abductions (15x each leg)
Front Core Kick (20x each leg)
repeat both
Curtsey Lunge (20x each leg)
Side Lunge (15x each leg)
Glute Kick-Back (20x each leg)
Heart Shaped Tummy Tuck (20x … did on my forearms whoops)
Warm Hug (20x)
Heart Leg Abduction (20x)
Cupid Arrow (20x … pretty sure I just did circles)
Tricep Dips (20x)
(….push-ups were not happening & this was the first thing to come to mind to swap)
 Heart Shaped Tummy Tuck (20x…realized I needed to be in pushup form) 
Warm Hug (20x)
Heart Leg Abduction (20x each leg)
Fly Like Cupid (20x)
Heart Shaped Boot Bridges (20x)
Love Crunches (20x)
V-Sits (25x)
Get work out HERE 


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