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Is that a bruise or shin splints

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I don’t wear shin guards during soccer. I have them but have never worn them.

To be honest the socks don’t really fit over my calves – and it was hard enough finding that pair.

But it’s not required and not really necessary.

However, I did get a nice bruise on my shin the first few games and a nice one on the ankle last week {don’t I feel tough}. Therefore, when I started to feel tenderness on my left shin I assumed it was part of the bruising.

I had shin splints in the summer and my calves are next in line to my IT band of getting mad at me. So I knew it was something to pay attention to but since I only felt it near where I was kicked I didn’t think anything of it.


I was wrong. Posterior & Anterior – I’ll take them both.

After falling off track of training due to pure exhaustion by Sunday my shins were screaming at me. Both legs.

Lesson learned. Again.

Downward Dog time.

And time for me to take another look at Training for a marathon with shin splints from Fit Sugar.

With my freezer still broken I can’t use Ice Massage but I was using any ice I could get my hands on (ie: left over from my iced coffee).

And I put my compression sleeves to use – a friend even commented on my “hot pink leg warmers” at brunch yesterday.


One thought on “Is that a bruise or shin splints

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