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All Moved In!

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I moved into my new apartment 3 weeks ago and have loved it ever since.

While training took a bit of a derail, I’ve accrued more injuries and have had some serious battles with the snooze button (oh wait that’s not new) there’s not much room for guilt – life has been busy with new & old friends, exploring the  ‘hood, home adventures (cooking?!) and an overall feeling of a fresh start.

So even though dailymile sent me a sad message today:

Ok, that’s a lie, I had a solid awesome 7 mile run last sunday  – apparently I need to update DM.

It’s ok. 

 I had my soccer championships (we won! bring it on spring league).

And met with a registered dietitian to figure out how this whole “fueling for a 1/2 marathon as a diabetic” thing works (preview: more protein).

And started packing a lunch, getting some vitamin D within my 10 hour day & even tried a few lunchtime gym sessions.

Also attacked some solo central park runs (some good, some bad – but no passing out or left stranded with a low blood-sugar….I may have gotten lost but that’s no surprise).

I may regret letting the alarm clock win a few mornings & not stretching as much as I should (saying & doing are two different things) but I’m ok with the fact that I missed a run to meet up with old friends who are now new neighbors, picked playing soccer over 4 miles in fear that both would shatter my shin (it didn’t, and why yes, I picked the one where I was likely to get kicked – it was the championships!!).

That’s life. The whole “now” / living thing. 

That said, I got cleared by the doctor today (no shin stress fracture!) meaning I don’t have to abandon my training – in fact it’s time to listen to my body (equal parts running & stretching!!) and get back out there.

Said as I’m icing 4 body parts & figuring out a run between an early AM doctors apt & after work plans. 

Time to get excited about running again – channel that 7 mile run & start counting down the days until the More/Fitness 1/2 marathon!

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