The Adventures of Now

exploring the mix of fun, fitness & health…as a diabetic

3/25: Run

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Goal: 10k

Ran: 8 miles

Time: 01:27:00 | 10:39

Injuries: super tight hips 

Since there was no 10k I decided that trying another long run and figuring out fueling was more important over speed and timing. 

Bloodsugar before: 146

Ate : Pretzels + lavash w. 1/2 pkt J’s Almond Butter w. honey 

Mile 6: 90 

Ate: 4 Gu Chomps 

After: 113

Runkeeper was screwy, it didn’t pause properly when I stopped to do a blood test at mile 6 – you can see it in mile 7 (75 minutes for a mile?!). 


miPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)19:501729:38-38310:2653410:34-38510:309610:40-10775:4042810:55-1899:42


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