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{imagine it in your head just like it sounded during the world cup}

I sound like a an 8-year-old but : I scored my first goal last Thursday! It was like the underdog play of the night.

Spring season has definitely been a little more (ego) challenging than indoor.

April 12: Should have taken it as a sign when I was hurting during a warm up jog. Instead I had a rough time out on the field and would sulk off, internally acting like a brat. (Meanwhile my teammates only someone who was falling behind because how are they suppose to know what’s going inside my head & body?). It was not helping with my mood towards the 1/2 marathon that was that Sunday.

April 19th: The other team didn’t show but since our team rocks we were using it as practice and ended up scrimmaging the team that just played. Only they were short a few players and I ended up on their side. Funny, they were our old colors (and the first team we played). Not funny : my run turned into a hop and when I kicked with my right leg I felt it in my left. A fun game in which there was space to try out new things and I was missing the ball every chance. I had to walk off. Another reminder : you’re the only one in control of your body – you have to take responsibility.

April 26th : No game. And I’ve never been happier, desperately needing the rest.

May 3rd : Skipped. Just so happened to be our late game … in the rain …sorry team! I swear the decision was made Monday before the weather report became even slightly accurate. Our first loss.

May 10th: I SCORED A GOAL! Right through my teammates legs. It ended up being an awesome game from everyone and a solid win. I was sort of amazed during the first half when I felt no pain … anywhere! In fact it was my endurance that was hurting over anything else. I guess almost a month off from running or cardio in general will do that to ya. The game got me out of my soccer funk. Our team rocks.

I’m going to miss this team this summer.


Your turn:

Did you play sports as a kid?

Do you play on a league now?

Do you remember your first goal/win?

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