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Soccer: 5/31

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One game closer to champions.

Last Thursday night we had our first playoff games for the spring season.

It was with the team that we had our first lost against ( a game I skipped because of my hip).

They scored first but we came into the game within the first half (my first assist While they countered that with another goal right away, we were already stepping it up. We knew what needed to happen to win the game and pushed them up. We tied the game 2-2 to end with a shoot out. 2 guys, 1 girl. By our schedule shooter the game was over – we won!

I have to say, coming from teams in middle school & high school where we’d win maybe 1 game per season, it’s fun being part of a winning team!

We stepped up divisions from the indoor league (where we were undefeated champs – my first trophy!), but we’ve been holding our own in outdoors. Let’s see what next week brings!

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