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Gym : 6/24

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I put off going to the gym all Sunday, by the time I couldn’t put it off any longer (the gym was going to close) I was really not in the mood. But I had my final Gym Pact workout to complete for the week and I already short changed a run during the week. I was originally going to make up the 3 miles but could only talk myself into getting on the bike, rationalizing that I picked up some miles on Sundays in the beginning of training (you know because that’s how it works).  

30 minutes to fill a Gym Pact … make the most of that stretching and foam rolling … 10 minutes on the bike…I could handle that, anything for 10 min right? 

I decided on a hill workout to make up for the strength training I was also skipping (ugh, again). 

Well wouldn’t you know, 21 minutes later and I had killed a sweaty 4.89 miles.


you never regret a workout

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