The Adventures of Now

exploring the mix of fun, fitness & health…as a diabetic

Are you blogging or what?

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So I declared that I was a newbie for marathon training.

I started a tumblr recording my marathon training workouts and then embedded my running stories here (sorry for the technical glitch / mass dumping of updates the other week!! Don’t try technical things the morning after a night of insomnia – zero sleep). 

I’ve stated many of times that I’m dealing with/living with/managing Diabetes.

I’ve hinted at my first half marathon and an upcoming one.

I’ve recapped a few events and new experiences in my life.

But the whole blogging thing?  Yeah I’ve made it hard to follow along. Two months in to marathon training  – where are my daily updates?? My first summer where I have weekends 100% free (a first since I was 15?) and I have been outside more in past 3 months then the past three years (the tan proves it). Where I’m exploring new career paths, passions, interest and self. Yeah, all those things – there’s a lot to be said about it all. Somehow the thoughts don’t transpire into posts on their own (you mean I can’t telecommunicate them?!).

So by no means is this one of those “Sorry I haven’t posted in x amount of time” ….um a) because that would mean I was a consistent “blogger” in the past  or b) those are annoying and I’ll never (that’s right never) write that.

Nah, this is just to provide another chapter of sorts as I  finally update some running recaps, my reflections on training so far ( first hill workout! first track workout!) and really start to try to document all of The Adventures of Now (see what I did there?).  Not to mention, if you happen to stumble along all this rambling and wonder what direction I might be aiming for (uh, forward?) and if it’s worth checking back you have a little idea.

So to come:

– My thoughts on training with Team for Kids so far (preview: awesome)

– First time experiences as a runner

– Why I’m doing this (not just for me but my passion for health & wellness in youth)

– What I’m learning about running, nutrition and Diabetes (may be old news you but may be interesting to see it from a beginner’s perspective …just saying…I’m admitting I don’t know it all)

– Definitely pins. Did you know that pinning is an exactly distraction when dealing with the after shock of a low blood sugar. Or while foam rolling. Or a pre-game to your run (what? crafts don’t get you pumped up?)

– Links. I like to share things, whether it’s articles, other people’s posts, product finds, tweets  – I may be in need of going to the library but I still read a lot.

– So much more rambling. And short sentences – I like those too.

– Hopefully some discussions?! I’d love to hear from you – advice, comments, questions, jokes (really – if I could come up with a good one for a 10-year-old it would make my day).

Ok, now ready? As one of my friends JM & I like to say : Take 2! Only it’s more like chapter 2 (oh, that makes me sound like a writer doesn’t it?? I’m not …).

Let the adventures unfold!

Because every post needs a picture: this captures summer & running! (and future trips to the beach?…) 


First to come : a letter to my kneecap (yeah that’s right), recaps on NYCM training weeks 1-8 & some thoughts on hydration.  (<– see, now I’m accountable for those posts…)

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