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Monday Motivation : stop giving up

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Last winter I stepped up my physical activity after struggling to find the balance and freedom with a time intensive job. I started going to the gym before work, stuck with AM running – training for my first half marathon and the biggest leap – joined a soccer league. Spring saw a more committed yoga practice which had been neglected since teaching kids … years ago. Summer was in full force with my first marathon training.

Then fall came.

And as it had last September / October …. suddenly the snooze button got a little more play. With more flexibility in time, it made it even harder to commit because there was this voice in my head telling me I had plenty of time to fit in a workout later and that sleep was good. Silly little voice.

But I was still dedicated, I had a plan to stick to and a goal to reach.

End of October and November saw some new curveballs in health challenges, a lot of little things, nothing super serious / unmanageable but enough to feel like I couldn’t hold it together. But I had to push through it, there was a finish line to cross.

And then there wasn’t.

And I was exhausted of trying to figure out my body, keep everything in “balance” and plan. Oh the planning. The calculating.

So I stopped.

It all.


Some from neglect, some from bloodsugars going haywire.

And now as my shoulder starts to remind me of the fall I took a few years ago and the physical therapy I never finished. As my knee reminds me that it’s connected to my intensely tight hamstrings, wound up IT Bands and hip flexors that seem to be permanently frozen in a 90 degree angle …from my permanent sitting position…

….I’m reminded where I once stood, how far I’ve come and how I’ve taken several  steps back.

I can’t commit to a race at the moment – at any level – though I’ll have to make that decision about NYC within the next few days.

So I’m working on the smaller steps right now.
Like meeting all my Gympact. Even if it’s not my most impressive workouts.

And slowly but surely I’m picking it back up.


I don’t see this as “starting over”

I’m thinking of it as “picking it back up

Hopefully a little bit wiser this time. Like working on injury prevention. And eventually becoming a stronger and smarter runner.

So it’s true, I’ve had a set back, I’ve lost some of what I’ve gained but I still hold on to what I’ve learned and I’m ready to reset and see what I’m capable of.

To not give up on my health and my strengths … and to find the fun again in challenging oneself.

Bring on the adventure. 

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