The Adventures of Now

exploring the mix of fun, fitness & health…as a diabetic

The Blog

Evolution: any process of formation or growth; development ….a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development {source}

That’s life right?

Same could be applied for this blog. I haven’t yet found my “blogging voice” and while I pretty things make me happy, I wouldn’t call myself artistic by any means. I also don’t consider myself a writer {despite what my 12 year old self thinks}.  I like short sentences, I like long sentences, I like brackets {to explain myself of coures} and exclamation points. I use phrases and sometimes words incorrectly, I start sentences  with “and” and “but.”  Sometimes I don’t think it would be a bad idea to go back to third grade grammar review …. and maybe math while I’m at it.

So why stick around ?

Well….for the adventure of course! Big {11/04/12} or small {something bound to always be changing on here as I figure this whole blogging thing out} and everything in between.


Plus I like to share! Always a big reader, I’m constantly recommending & passing along information to friends – whether they asked for it or not. While I have never been good at taking pictures – or remembering to – there will be lots of links and found pictures {always sourced}

I’m a mix of pep with a dose of blunt. I throw out words like sunshine, love & buttercup; but believe in action over words.

I write not from an area of expertise but from experience and observation.


  • To learn more about my experience with Diabetes check out my DLife page  (while I’m not a doctor and can not give any medical advice … if you have any questions about Type 1 Diabetes I would be happy to answer from my perspective!) 

  • To follow along on my training for the 2012 NYC Marathon only, check out my tumblr My Running Stories  {you can also find those posts within the adventures of now} or weekly workouts. On AofN I’ll explore a little more on the topics of a healthy lifestyle.
  • But it’s not all running! Check out my List to see what other adventures I want to explore, big and small.  Have a suggestion to add? Would love to hear it!

w.a.mcgann [at] gmail [dot] com

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