The Adventures of Now

exploring the mix of fun, fitness & health…as a diabetic

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New Beginnings

Ah life.


In the past two months I’ve:

– moved apartments

– was let go from my job

– completed my 1st 1/2 marathon 

– joined an outdoor league with my soccer team

– dealt with shin splints, groin strain, hip flexor silliness, IT Band issues & hip pain …. but not a stress fracture

– did early morning runs in Central Park

– ran a 5k on my birthday (in which I was 1st, last & only place since it was my solo birthday 5k).

– had plenty of brunches

– tried plenty of new coffee shops

– went to Hoboken for the 1st time

– exercised some serious self-control in not visiting 16 handles daily despite being closer to it

– put to use the fact that I’m now closer to Target …. but made do with the fact that I’m now further from a Trader Joe’s.

– finally used an oven (it’s only been about 2 years) and have worked on more “real” dinners.

– raised money for Team for Kids (only just begun!)

– started practicing yoga 5 day / week

– baked! ( vitalious chocolate muffin tops in the oven hopefully not sticking/not burning / rising  … all that usual stuff)

– signed up for my 2nd Girls on the Run 5K

– volunteered / will be volunteering at some kids activities with Urban Girl Squad

– met with a nutritionist … and started food journaling again. Sort of.

– learned how many supporters I have, even if it’s easy to forget  … and there’s quite a few!

– donated over 100 items … and got rid of almost as much

– played decorator, handyman & dyi-er … I think I’m most efficient at handyman.

– met new friends, connected with old ones and made fun dates with current ones.

I smell the chocolate tops….that mean it has to come out just as good right?!

– focused on my health … the specifics and the general.

– took a break from my magazine addiction

– started reading books….from the library

– got on the Tone It Up bandwagon (sort of)

– spent time with family

they didn’t burn! off to go see how they taste (I mean I couldn’t have screwed up a prepackaged mix that badly could I?) 


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All Moved In!

I moved into my new apartment 3 weeks ago and have loved it ever since.

While training took a bit of a derail, I’ve accrued more injuries and have had some serious battles with the snooze button (oh wait that’s not new) there’s not much room for guilt – life has been busy with new & old friends, exploring the  ‘hood, home adventures (cooking?!) and an overall feeling of a fresh start.

So even though dailymile sent me a sad message today:

Ok, that’s a lie, I had a solid awesome 7 mile run last sunday  – apparently I need to update DM.

It’s ok. 

 I had my soccer championships (we won! bring it on spring league).

And met with a registered dietitian to figure out how this whole “fueling for a 1/2 marathon as a diabetic” thing works (preview: more protein).

And started packing a lunch, getting some vitamin D within my 10 hour day & even tried a few lunchtime gym sessions.

Also attacked some solo central park runs (some good, some bad – but no passing out or left stranded with a low blood-sugar….I may have gotten lost but that’s no surprise).

I may regret letting the alarm clock win a few mornings & not stretching as much as I should (saying & doing are two different things) but I’m ok with the fact that I missed a run to meet up with old friends who are now new neighbors, picked playing soccer over 4 miles in fear that both would shatter my shin (it didn’t, and why yes, I picked the one where I was likely to get kicked – it was the championships!!).

That’s life. The whole “now” / living thing. 

That said, I got cleared by the doctor today (no shin stress fracture!) meaning I don’t have to abandon my training – in fact it’s time to listen to my body (equal parts running & stretching!!) and get back out there.

Said as I’m icing 4 body parts & figuring out a run between an early AM doctors apt & after work plans. 

Time to get excited about running again – channel that 7 mile run & start counting down the days until the More/Fitness 1/2 marathon!

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Valentine’s Day

I should have done a tally of how many men I saw carrying flowers on my run & commute to work this morning. When I got back from my run there was an Edible Arrangement van filled with deliveries right outside my building….I don’t know how he missed my apartment….

I’m neither one of those girls that wears all black and curses Hershey’s & Hallmark (why would anyone refuse a chance to get chocolate?) nor am I decked out in Pink & Red (apparently I don’t have a lot of it in my closet) sending hearts & candygrams to every friend/acquaintance/stranger.

Though I do (obnoxiously) call the people dear to me “love” all the time.
As well as buttercup & sunshine and anything else that peps me up.

I have soccer tonight & my team already declared that we’re each others Valentine and will buy each other a drink after the game.

Works for me.

But if I didn’t, this would be hands down the best way to spend this evening.

Meanwhile, I’ll smile at the sweet gestures I spy, continue to geek out over the way marketers leverage the day {whether aiming at the last-minute guys or the “I love myself” girls} and enjoy the pink, red & gold that has splashed the design & fashion blogs I stalk.

I did get into the spirit last night with the Tone It Up Valentine’s Day Routine

 When I first read it I thought it said complete 6x and thought there was no way in hell that was happening – going through the entire thing once was enough for me.

Then I realized I wouldn’t be cutting it as short as I thought.
And I should read directions.
How I did it: 
Heart with Leg Abductions (15x each leg)
Front Core Kick (20x each leg)
repeat both
Curtsey Lunge (20x each leg)
Side Lunge (15x each leg)
Glute Kick-Back (20x each leg)
Heart Shaped Tummy Tuck (20x … did on my forearms whoops)
Warm Hug (20x)
Heart Leg Abduction (20x)
Cupid Arrow (20x … pretty sure I just did circles)
Tricep Dips (20x)
(….push-ups were not happening & this was the first thing to come to mind to swap)
 Heart Shaped Tummy Tuck (20x…realized I needed to be in pushup form) 
Warm Hug (20x)
Heart Leg Abduction (20x each leg)
Fly Like Cupid (20x)
Heart Shaped Boot Bridges (20x)
Love Crunches (20x)
V-Sits (25x)
Get work out HERE 


Favorite Finds


I already know it makes me feel better…but can help with Math?? Pass me a kiss please. 

101 of America’s Most Crazy Awesome New Desserts – Grub Hub

 I need an excuse for a breakfast meeting so I can go celebrate Pancake Month at Clinton St. Baking

The history of Sweetheart Candies {#mktggeekalert}

10 reasons running is a better Valentine than Ryan Gosling 

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{Weekend Recap} : Epic brunch, new finds & strength training

{Today was the first time I went out to lunch with co-workers in the three years I’ve been with my company. And I like my co-workers.  So including doctors appointments I believe I’ve had 5 lunches out of the office in 3 years. I’ve never packed lunch either….a reason why I can’t justify ordering take out at home – it’s delivered each day to work. #juststaying} 

A little recap of the weekend shall we ? 

What was supposed to be accomplished:  30 minutes of crosstraining on Saturday & 4 miles on Sunday.

What was accomplished: neither of those things. Unless brief table top dancing at brunch counts as crosstraining and going up & down 5 flights of stairs several times counts as 4 miles.

Yeah, I didn’t think so. My excuses? Sleep & the most epic birthday brunch that unintentionally lasted all day. Oh and Sunday…all those low blood-sugars I whined about…I overcorrected and woke up too high for a workout in the morning. And then overcorrected again and was too low. ::sigh:: the story of my life. I have my doctor’s appointment Friday, time to put more of a plan in action.

So am I even serious about this? I mean week one and I already missed several runs and had some rough blows.

Hell yeah. Today was strength training & stretching. I woke up low (I know I’m getting sick of saying it too) and knew that that left me with one option : a routine would be done after work. It’s a little easier to manage strength vs. cardio when blood-sugars are awry so no excuses allowed.

Report: done!

Leg Workout App (each exercise 1 min each…total = 10 min )
 -Side leg lift right
– Side leg lift left
– Inner thigh raise left
– Side leg lift left
– Side leg kick left
– Inner thigh raise right
– hamstring curls {with 3 lb weight b/c that’s all I had}
– Quad lifts
– Static lunge right
– Static lunge left
Butt Workout App (each exercise 1 min each…total = 10 min )
– Squat
– Front lunges
– side lunges
– Deadlift (3lb weight…definitely too light)
– Donkey kick right
– Donkey kick left
– Hip Bridge
– Leg Extensions
– Flutter Kicks
– Froggy glutes lifts
1 min wall squat 
10 squats 
1 min plank (x2)
1 min side plank (each side)
Kneeling roundhouse kick (15 x3 per side)


What made running around all Sunday worth it :

Stocking up on these :    

Finding this    

Snagging a  box of this  

Discovering these  …they remind me of Gushers!

Snack time is complete. Only I make snacks for meals.

Some how it’s almost 11pm …where does the night go???


Your turn:

What’s your favorite kid snack that you eat as an adult? 

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Friday Favorites: 12.23

Ryan Gosling in Drunk History Christmas Lesson 

Calories in Homemade Christmas Cookies | Yum Sugar

I love Boo .

There’s a Pinterest copycat … not sure how I feel about that.

Jamba Juice is looking to enter the school market

Christmas around the world


Love this look from Kendi  – would be my perfect holiday outfit if I was staying up North.


I love love love my Orthopedic Surgeon – super friendly, supportive & got excited chatting marathon with him. Plus both he & the other doctor were suited up with red bow ties & everything – classy for the holidays.


I’m in control of the office TV today – we’re watching ABC Family Christmas movies.

In my defense I was looking for Elf – instead we’re watching Holiday in Handcuffs 



Your turn:

What’s your holiday style ? Dress it up or keep it comfy? 

Do you get / wear special holiday PJs? 

What’s your favorite holiday movie ? 

Elf, Home Alone, Santa Claus 


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Friday Favorites: 12.16


Cafe Misto with Soy Milk & Nutmeg
(+ chipped manicure – it lasted a day)


My Team for Kids shirt came in the mail!
This is the first of many to come “this is real” moments.
Time to get serious.



Hand delivered clients out. A few mailings to go. Secret Santa gift under the tree. Heading to holiday party in T-minus 1 hour.


I demonstrated some serious yoga deep breathing & patience in the holiday crowd.

One of my injuries is already hurting from all the obstacle running around the city I did today. I haven’t put on the heels to start the dance moves yet. I foresee a lot of icing in my near future.


You never know what someone’s going through | Katy Widrick

I’m not sending out cards this year except for one: Send a Card to Max | PB Fingers

Life is full of decisions. Not all have to be difficult. Love this holiday interactive video from Madewell.






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Working the Holiday Spirit

Whew. This week has had a lot going on.
And none of it involved exercise.
Which may be why my body is begging for a yoga class
(…or two…or three)
and a good sweat cardio session.


Part of all the activity has been various fanfare of holiday arrangements at work.
Client Gifts.
500 of them hand wrapped. With bows. And cards. And labels. 
Company Holiday Party.
RSVP list. Venue guidance. Coordination.
What to wear?!


I wanted sparkles.
I mean isn’t that partly what holiday parties are all about??


 But after a very brief shopping expedition after late nights at the office I decided on this LBD from H&M – it looked good, it felt good…and I’d use it a million times over

 done deal! 

Plus, the sparkles come in from the belt (that I wore with a LBD last year …. hey if the formula works…) and bling it out with some new earrings. Even sticking with basic black heels. I’m a champ at rushed shopping panics and buying quick cheap things, convincing myself that they work. I didn’t want more stuff that I’d never wear again.
 Going for the fun / no stress look this year. 


I just had way too many spoonfuls of Chocolate soynut butter.
That’s right : spoonfuls.
The perfect thing to have the night before you wear a super tight LBD.


Speaking of indulgence… I’ve only had 1 holiday cookie so far this season.
A co-worker brought it in. It was made by her mom. I had to.
I said I would save it…I saved it for about 5 whole minutes.
I had just finished my oatmeal.


Since I seem to be “confessing” … I wore my compression calf sleeves all day today. Did I mention how I haven’t run all week?
My legs are not happy. IT Bands are down right angry.
I have an appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon. I have lots to discuss with him.
I hope he realizes that PT is not going to fit into the game plan anytime soon. 


Some how it’s already 10:30pm. I’m ready to pass out.
First time to put on some Krishna Das and do a few light downward dogs so that my legs forgive me when I put on heels tomorrow night.


Your turn:

Have you had your company holiday party yet?

Do you enjoy company parties or are they stressful?

Do you wear sparkles during the holidays?