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Pass me the ball

I played soccer from 7 – 12 grade and intramural in 5th & 6th. 

I spent a lot of time on the bench. 

I broke my arm in 7th grade by “tripping over the soccer ball”
(it was wet, I went to pull the ball back & I went forward).
I strained my MCL in 12th grade
(I shouldn’t have even been in the game, it was the last 10 min & I had been out sick from practice and it was one of our last games. I was turning to catch up with a girl that blew past me headed to the goal) 

A friend & old teammate suggested a league she had joined. Last year I couldn’t fit it in with work but with later games this season I decided to go for it. A little nervous of how competitive / all-star filled it would be , my theory was she saw me in my best attempts & struggles so how bad could it be. Plus I could always just be the benchwarmer for the league.

So when the email went out with details for the first game (last night) & my friend mentioned she couldn’t go my instant reaction:

wait whatttt??? I have to go alone??? I, but, oh no, awkward. 

But I couldn’t back out. Plus I’m 25, not going just because a friend wasn’t going – lame.

So I went. Slightly petrified. And definitely feeling awkward.

But guess what? No major blunders, no injuries & a some fun!

Plus we won.


So with late games, I thought that definitely ruled out attempts at Wednesday morning gym sessions.

It wasn’t the later bedtime that ruined it – a 4am low bloodsugar killed that idea on its own. 5:30 rolled around and 1/2 still feeling woozy & 1/2 sleeping led to a lot of snooze button hitting. It’s going to be a little tricky figuring out how to balance insulin, uncontrolled activity & dinner/no dinner situation.

{this would be totally dangerous for me and not be aligned with my #11 goal for 2012 }

The one #success was that I snuck in one round of this :


Recently discovered that I can save a “pin” to my iPhone camera – pulling it up at the gym even with no service. #awesome


Your turn:

Did you play sports in high school?

Have you ever joined an adult league ?

Any favorite new exercises found on Pinterest? 

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Surprise Visits & Christmas Spirit

Last night I met up with one of my best friends from high school along with my former boss & co-worker. They were in the city (near my apartment!) catering a party and were going out for a drink afterwards. I ended up meeting them at Brother Jimmy’s in UES. My holidays have changed a lot this year and it’ll be the first Christmas that I wont be home so it was great chatting with S – one of those friends that no matter how much time goes by we can jump right back into things. Equally comforting was hanging out with a boss who had watched me grow up over the years. There was shooting lessons in hunting video games, skee-ball challenges and a live band that pulled off Brittany Spears, Mumford & Sons and bar classics all in one.

Somethings never change – and don’t need to !


Today at work I got to visit the venue for our company holiday party (looks awesome!), am rocking out to Pandora Christmas station and sipping from the cheerful red cup.

Sometimes it’s the little reminders of comfort and happiness.