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Friday Favorites: 2.10

I used to use Pandora for my workouts until I discovered Rock My Run … plus I’m a geek for stats, so I liked these shared by Carrots ‘n’ Cake

A Ryan Goslling Movie channel?? It makes me almost want to restart cable! Just to have on in the background ….24/7…..

In case you haven’t seen this awesome response from Ellen DeGeneres to her haters.

I don’t usually go for the cutesy animal pictures but c’mon



I’ve recently discovered Last Man Standing for background noise …. I’m suddenly wishing I had sisters.

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Friday Favorites: 2.3

Love the idea of cereal sauce, how did I miss the pumpkin cream cereal?? {#recipe}

How scrumptious do these Mint Chip Coconut Bites look that I discovered from a foodie stays fit 


Today it’s all about the music : 

found via Mighty Girl 

…actually go check out all of her featured videos

found via Addicted 2 Etsy 

thank you office turntable 


Your turn:

Anything fun planned this weekend?

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Friday Favorites: 1.27

How sweet is this surprise date?


Carrot Cake cupcakes that are grain-free and only 3 carbs ? Yes please! {found via this recipe round-up}


Tina {Carrot ‘n’ Cake} shared Harvard’s alternative MyPlate : Healthy Eating Plate


I’m all for chick flicks but I don’t know about this


This parenting trick for hypochondriac drama. I want to parent like that.


If you haven’t already since this video, I first spotted on Rachel’s post, it reminds me of the physical strength that comes from yoga  – not just the inner focus.



I sort of wish that instead of bowls of oatmeal I had this breakfast treat to jack me up on sugar. I mean hazelnut cream cheese  – they make that?? How did I not know of this?

Other “breakfast” goodies brought to you by Iowa Girl Eats : Blueberry Muffin Top Cookies. Muffin + Cookies?? Who wants to make me some?  My doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week and at the rate I’m going 4 miles tomorrow requires serious carb loading. Please?


More yumminess: when I haven’t been shoveling oatmeal or downing juice or glucose tablets I’ve been mixing up my lunch routine. After months of {veggie} sushi I brought back turkey and/or veggie sandwiches. Todays : Smoke Turkey, hummus, apple & basil. #ohmydeliciousness.



Today is rainy & gray in NYC so I’m having fun playing with a new “Pop of Color” board  on Pinterest

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Friday Favorites: 1.20

This song found on SUILT

Summer Roberts/Dr. Hart raps ??

This duet from Scarlett Johansson & Peter Yorn that’s been coming back up on my Pandora.

These 10 movies showing at Sundance. I don’t usually pay much attention but this may be the largest majority of movies I’m interested in.

This love story between Neil Patrick Harris & David Burka

There are American Girl Dolls that run??


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Friday Favorites: 1.13

This perspective on Be Nice on the Internet week.

I haven’t been to Texas (Austin #2 on my list) but Rachel’s description of Texas being one big crazy family has me wanting to make a stop in Houston.

 I’m loving the song on this winter commercial, but my recent stalking fashion blogger’s archives has me nostalgic for this video summertime

I pulled out my blender for the first time since summer on Monday – and in perfect time b/c I’m now in love with this Cinnamon Oatmeal Smoothie recipe from Eating Bird Food


I’m trying the sparkles at work look as it’s my best-friend-at-work’s birthday today & one of my co-worker’s last days … tonight is filled with some celebrating.


Your turn:

Do you celebrate with co-workers?

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Friday Favorites: 1.6

This song from Lianne La Havas.

This video about marathon thoughts.

This perspective about learning the truth about Santa early. My favorite Christmas was the year after I learned there was no Santa but my cousins still believed – I got to be part of the magic. 

This way of donating make-up samples (unopened).

These dance moves (on the treadmill!!!).

The inspiration to kickstart my fundraising into action.

This business card concept – how very green.

I’ve never dined next to a celebrity (that I’m aware of) – but being NYC I should keep these 4 rules in mind  (I would actually do none of those).

This #truth {in so many senses}.

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Feels like 3 degrees

Ok it really feels like 15, but it felt like 3 degrees this morning – iPhone told me so.

All I know was that it was freakin’ freezing.

I’m still working on this whole morning workout routine and am a little surprised that I got myself out from under warm covers this morning at 5:45am – especially since my room decided to be all drafty.

And I know, I know – it’s winter and it’s suppose to be cold. But man, I was getting spoiled with the mild weather – I’m down right bratty when it comes to the cold.

I piled on 3 top layers, plus my puffy jacket, full tights (thought about adding leg warmers), gloves, scarf & earband. And a warm cup of coffee.

I still couldn’t feel my fingers by the time I got to the gym.

It was fun seeing the people bravely battling the cold on their run – I saw one girl in a short puffy jacket bundled up. And another guy in shorts (and puffy jacket).

Know how in the summer when you take a cold shower and by the time the water hits your toes it’s hot? Today had the reverse effect – I was still freezing to the touch after getting out. In fact I went for tights and leggings today – I felt like a kid.

And the gym? It’s only my second morning session but it was a lot more crowded than in December …

Also – empty stomach, coffee & mildly high blood sugars isn’t the best mix but still pulled out a strong elliptical session & some planks.


This picture seems fitting as I go layer up to crawl into bed … I turned on the TV this evening (a rare occasion) & must shut it off before Revenge comes on & I get sucked in!


Your turn:

Do you prefer been really hot or really cold? 

Do you watch Revenge ?