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{running distraction} : counting light posts

When I used to run along 1st avenue and the East River I filled it with markers. 20 blocks until a mile, 7 blocks until this cross over, this point along the river is this many blocks, this store means this much further.

Markers, countdowns, comparisons and judgements.

One major shift during training has been letting go of that. With my TFK runs I may pay attention to landmarks and recognize  where I am (at times no clue!)  but they don’t serve as markers. I’m on new routes and with new running buddies.

Switching to Central Park has made it easier to throw myself off. That said, most of my SloFasy runs have been
around the reservoir. ~1.5 miles. I don’t pay attention to where I am when I hit a mile…or a quarter of a mile…or 3/4. It’s easy to catch on but I distract myself.

While other runners are good entertainment, it loses it’s luster when they’re all going past you.

When I first got my Garmin I was nervous that I would get even more obsessed with numbers but surprisingly not the case. I realized its much like how I frequently check my phone for the weather or time but rarely can tell you what I just read. I check in which my pace and quickly focus on how I feel and effort level vs. the number – major step.

That said, in an effort to prevent from creating markers, checking my Garmin out of boredom or start a mind war with myself, I started the light post game.


{image via pin}

I count light posts. Not in the 1,2,3 kind of way…well sort of. I’ll pick a number, say 5, and after 5 light posts I can check my  Garmin. Now I know that sounds like marking, but here’s where the game comes in: only lit posts count, I change the number (5,15,10,5,20, ect though now I’m starting to just pick random numbers), and I can easily get thrown off count. This prevents it from being “5 light posts is at this point which is x of a mile.” I also will not look at my Garmin when it hits a mile but wait until I reach that light post.

So far it’s keeping me entertained though I think I’ll need to shake up the game soon.



Do you play (fun) mind games when you workout?


Count anything? Aside from light posts I think other people are my only other option.



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{running newbie} : Track / Ladder Workout

Who knew I’d be fist pumping “this is awesome” in my head while running around a track??

The track scared me – it conjured up memories of gym class track & field unit which was more humbling than volleyball & was harder to fake then gymnastics. I remember counting laps and it seemed to take forever to reach 4 …and that half a lap seemed like a really far distance for my friends to be head of me.

A lot has changed. 14 laps seemed totally achievable and easy to count out. Ok, I may not have known it was 14 laps until I just added up the intervals, but broken up with a max set of 3 laps gave me the “anything for 5 min” mentality.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to join the TFK’s practice last Wednesday night so it was a true test of following a plan and stepping outside of my comfort zone – all by my own motivation. Thomas Jefferson Park track was where it was going to go down. Since I wasn’t going to run until after 8p I decided to switch it to Thursday night when I could head over with plenty of sunlight left. I opted for 6p. I jogged a mile along the east river for my warm up and the crossed over the bridge at 112th street.

I thought there might be a soccer game going on but didn’t care – I had seen some people running around the track before. The park was busy! Walking past the playground I saw families – including  a few moms making the equipment their gym – awesome! I stepped onto the track and soccer was in full swing. A game was going on in the center of the track for adults but there were plenty of children kicking a ball or a few around. Kids that just learned how to walk were chasing after balls.

The moment I took off for my first lap I felt a spring in my step. It was awesome to feel some speed. Instead of feeling the plan daunting I thought : 1 lap – look how short it seems now, I can totally knock it out. Recover lap, ok take it slow save it for the next 2 laps to gun it. When it came to doing 3 laps at high-speed it definitely got harder to maintain but I reminded myself that this was the hardest part – not even a mile – I could totally take it on…and the I would get to recover.

A ladder workout is a total new concept to me – something for “real runners.” But for the first 3-4 laps I was telling myself this is awesome, omg I think I love speed work – is that possible? This why I’ve been pulling back on my other runs and it makes the 12+ mm ok.

{so judging by the difference of distance …I tend to weave a lot apparently}


I was the only woman without children there and I was the minority – but what does that matter? I’m very good at ignoring looks (running in crowded Florence taught me early) and got to watch a (skilled) soccer game the entire time.

I’ve been having major soccer withdrawal, so it made my night when I’d kick back a ball to a kid …don’t think they felt the same as they would still have to run after it.


Being surrounded by all these kids just added inspiration – as a reminder of who and what I’m training for.

Healthy can be fun.




I’m fundraising for :     bringing  awareness to teaching kids how to build their healthiest lifestyle . 

You can help support, no amount is too little and any is greatly appreciated!! My personal page is: here


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It’s Happening {#ingnycm training}

It’s happening

I’m a part of this

And this

(you can help my efforts in promoting healthy lives for youth here)

This isn’t really old news, in fact I made the decision the day of the marathon last year …and my friends have heard plenty about it since. But now training season is in full effect. Weeks are being counted and days are being counted down. It’s no longer a wide planning stage – it’s a happening stage.

I’m a part of a training season.

As I take steps further and further into the running community it’s easy for me want to try to fit right in. I know what Gu/Chomps/shot blocks are. I know what tempo runs and farleks and strides mean (sort of). I know about the power of protein & carbs, the importance of refueling and what glucosamine is. All stuff I paid no attention to or had never heard of two years ago (well except carbs & proteins).

That’s the thing – this is all new. There’s hype and excitement, especially as everyone has started training for the #ingnycm … as there should be!!

Everyone is sharing their goals, reflections, plans, schedules and lesson <– all things I learned from many in the blogsphere as they tackled it last year.

But let’s take a step back from all that for a minute.

I’m going to run a marathon! 26.2 miles.

Forget the Diabetes for a second. It’s easy.

Let’s see this from the perspective of a girl who spent more time on the bench then in games.

Who would hop off the surfboard when waves threatened a thrashing.

Or who got self-defeated at the lack of coordination during a pick up game of tennis.

That thought the only people running off the field were born for the track. { if I remember correctly, we had a good track team but they definitely didn’t get a wide range of love. While other sports cross pollinated during off-season, most track kids were running all year-long, further supporting my theory that track kids were the one that were made for running – lived it, breathed it, dreamed it}

That girl will be running a marathon in just over 4 months. Her first marathon. My first marathon.

Ok now let’s bring the Diabetes back into the concept.

I never thought I could not do something – it just was an understanding that it might come with a little more restriction/challenge/planning.

Last year I had been deep in my addiction of blog reading. It got me to become a morning runner, it got me to push my mileage, it got me to push me, while also discovering self-appreciation and strength – and the room to grow.

So when marathon training hit NYC last summer I was pushing myself in the heat, I was getting out there early, I was running on a Saturday morning. Hitting 6 miles, PDR-ing at 12 miles {of shuffle}, knocking out 3 miles like I was used to them. I caught the excitement of running. It wasn’t a new activity but it was new levels & boundaries. I followed along with the highs & lows. Observing & taking notes, inspired by people who were also exploring this crazy but welcoming world of fitness, health & running…many for the first time.

The 26.2 miles part? That was just something I was going to read recaps about. I began to get it, the idea seemed a little less crazy and a lot more fun but it didn’t seem a world I would ever fully enter.

But let’s be real, my control over my blood sugars is nowhere near the target. I think people think I have awesome “control” because I “handle it well”.  I’ve been trying all my life to get it at that target number. The do-gooder in me strives for it. My every movement is a reflection to this giant “goal” in which I continuously miss the mark. It’s part gamble, part calculation and part science experiment.

So throw in some serious running into the mix?? Yeah didn’t seem likely. One of those “if I get my blood sugars under control” moments.  (which is what I said about drinking … I’m 26) 

Oh but it is likely!  Because it’s happening. This year. November 4th to be exact.

And while I’ve given a lot of attention to the fact that I’m ready to take on the challenge of figuring this out with Diabetes – that is 100% do-able and I have no hesitation.

In a way the confidence and determination I have with the Diabetes can overshadow the fact that I’m still on the lower levels of  running – far from a racer … so  this is me acknowledging the complete crazy/exciting/awesome/big fact: I’m a newbie to this whole marathon training process and I have so much to learn!

Now that I’ve shouted it from the my blogging mountain top, get ready as I share all the first time experiences, learning tidbits and the good, bad & awesomeness of it all, sprinkled with some Diabetic perspective.

While I’ve been recording all my run recaps here, I have so much to expand upon & recap as I enter the 8th week of training with Team for Kids!!

Ahhh, whose excited??

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Group Run: 7/1

First run of July!

The group was smaller for Urban Girl Squad / Athleta Run Club … kind of to be expected for 4th of July weekend & the hot weather. That said there were quite a few new people which awesome/impressive. 

Given that it was hot at 8am for the TFK’s run I knew that 10am would be sweltering. 

We took it easy and casual and ran as one major group.  After my past few runs of dropping to the back it was nice to be in synch. 

Not to mention the time is pretty good for how I’ve been running lately, especially since I was mindful of all the lows from Saturday. 

We stopped half way to stretch and gather before turning back around. 

The plan was for 20 minutes but we all actually held out for almost 3 miles. 

4 flex miles were on my TFK / NYCM plan – I called it even. 

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Run: 6/28

Goal: 4m SloFasy

Path: Reservoir / Road 

Intensity: After yoga I dropped off my stuff and turned around to run in Central Park, a little later than normal but not nearly as creepy as that first night, there were plenty of people out and when I was debating to do my second lap around the reservoir or taking it to the road I fell behind some runners that (unknowingly) kept me company. Didn’t do too good on the SloFasy method. 

Injuries: Nothing major, knee & IT Band still a little off. 

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Run: 6/27

First run with the garmin!

  Garmin Forerunner 310TX 

And proceed to delete the data when trying to transfer. #technologyfail 

Goal: 4m – warm up, 5k , cool down …..I hit something around 4 miles in 45+ minutes

Path: upper & lower reservoir

Intensity: kept first 1/2 mile light but felt weighed down from the start. Went to pick up the pace for 5k but was a rough run – had to slow to walk 2.5-3. This one gets chalked up to stupid fueling / everything impacts a run. 

I was 166 @ 3:37p … cool, a little high but usual for the afternoon – leave it alone. Only I didn’t…I had dried fruit and plenty of it. This was a reminder that just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’ll work for me, oh and moderation. I also had an equal amount (read: a lot) of almonds because I wanted a snack. Fast forward to 6p, getting ready for my run (should have met to run with TFK since I was free) and my bloodsugar is over 300. Sigh. Had to do insulin but can only do the ratio with starch carbs vs. the natural sugar of fruit. So I had my standard PB & toast. Went into this run feeling a little nutty. Came out at 124 (perfect)! But I was feeling those fueling decisions. This is a 24/7 prepping/planning/calculating – every decision counts. One good one : I should stop buying dried fruit, stick with the fresh. 

Injuries: left knee felt achy all day randomly. Fine during run but old pain going up stairs afterwards….realized later on it was hinting at some IT Band issues.