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Triple Threat Tuesday

It’s Thursday.

But let’s talk about Tuesday {as in 2 days ago}.

After my unexpected rest from exhaustion and shin splints last week, I was determined to get back on track with my run Tuesday morning.  I pulled out 4.16 miles in 43 min for an average of 10:20  …. I didn’t die but it wasn’t my best run. I wore my compression sleeves which I normally save for after and it definitely helped.

I also took my first ice bath. Sort of. With the freezer still broken {not anymore!} I haven’t been able to ice properly which is asking for trouble. And since pretty much all major points of my legs hurt, I figured an ice bath would work. Only minus the ice. Instead just really cold water. Really cold. I can’t imagine a full on ice bath. Especially since it was only enough water that a baby would be safe in it. But my shins were happier.


I also knew that keeping up with yoga is a must these days. Especially since I “iced” but didn’t stretched.

So I went to my first lunchtime yoga class! It was actually my first lunchtime anything class. Or lunchtime gym session. Or lunchtime me time.

Mixed thoughts.

The teacher played music so faintly I didn’t realize that it was on until the 2nd half of class and I’ve discovered that really throws off my practice. I also had a giant clock directly in front of me which was not helpful when I knew I had to get back to the office.

While all the gym classes have mirrors, this one seemed to have twice as many.

So it seemed really hard to focus “on the mat.”

But she targeted hip flexors which was much-needed (even if she did refer to them as protagonists in books…I didn’t get it).

It’s worth it to go back but definitely not my favorite class/instructor.


I only got 1 foot off the ground at a time {step 1 & 2} but the first time I’ve attempted headstand in a long time. 


I finished up the night with soccer. In one of our more intense, well-played games.

Last week the other team forfeited and we played each other, everyone in for the entire time. It was actually the most fun game yet  – we have a good group.

So 3 different activities in 1 day … that’s a record. 

I was a little nervous that I would burn myself out after last week but having Wednesday off & being able to sleep in definitely helped.

Can’t say it will be the new routine but it’s possible!

Your turn:
Do you break up workouts throughout the day?
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New Shoes, New Love

After proclaiming to being a New Balance girl I’ve gone back on my words. Sunday afternoon I went to JackRabbit‘s to get fitted for a new pair of sneakers. Over the summer I went to Paragon Sports for an analysis and ended up with a pair of New Balance 770s. I didn’t love them but it was my first analysis so I assumed best. The pair prior to that had been a pair of Asics that I ordered offline {first time branching from NB}– and should have returned.

I’ve given Asics a new shot and think I’m in love.

Asics T256N 

At $110 they’re a bit pricier than any of the pairs I’ve scored off Joe’s New Balance Outlet or Zappos but I’m learning that sneakers are not the thing to skimp on – especially with my history of knee issues. I’ll save the deals for tank tops and capris.

I’ve only taken them for one run last night but it was by far one of my best runs. I had gone uptown to met a friend and while I had planned to go to JR right from there a blood-sugar of 37 (super low) killed that plan. Instead I headed back home to regroup …and over-treat. By the time I headed back up my blood-sugar was 412 (super high).  I knew that I was over treating at the time but was hit with one of those “consume all sugar and carbs until you feel better” waves. While bad blood-sugar games seem to be the new Sunday trend, I refused to miss out on the 4 miles I had schedule. Training wont really work out if I have to miss each long run. 

I did something I promised my doctor I wouldn’t. I did insulin before my run. With some oatbran (not quite a serving) + PB and 7 units it made a perfect formula.

During the summer I would get to a bridge to cross from York to the East River, I would always walk it and then pick back up. This time I held a consistent pace – my fastest consistent pace for 5 miles. While I had a slight nag to be mindful of pushing myself too hard with the blood-sugars the run was never a fight. There was no telling myself only one more mile, 4 more blocks, the next red light. Instead it was “well I’m not done yet, maybe I could go just a little bit further without losing momentum.”

And my blood-sugar after? 118. perfect.

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Humbling Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k

I signed up for the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k. My first 10k race. No training, no plan, I decided to go for it anyways and see what I could accomplish. I mean I’ve run 6 miles before so no problem right ? Not so much. It was a rough run but a humbling experience. A reminder that if I want to start doing races (and train for the marathon) I need to put together a plan of action for injury recovery & a strategy for running. {foreshadow 2012 goals}

Why it was good: 
1. I didn’t puke or cry (see below). There came a point when I wanted to do both – for a good portion. I’ve never actually wanted to cry directly from a run before. I probably would have stopped but knowing there was a good number of people (I have yet to meet) who were out running for the same reason made me keep going. (#whyIlovebloggers)

2. Beautiful views. It was sunny & gorgeous out. I ran along the ocean, I ran along the harbor (?), throughout neighborhoods & along the exercise path. And it was surprising how quiet among the first 3. 

3. A new path. Palm Beach isn’t exactly home for me, so instead of returning to an old route, the 6.2 miles was an exploratory run. It may have led to some circling around because I wasn’t quite sure how far I was going (thank god for RunKeeper) but with my no-sense of direction it was pretty cool that I got familiar with twists & turns. 

4. New compression capris. $11 from Old Navy. They’re awesome. No chafing.

5. I didn’t just pack workout gear – I used it! Signing up for the race kept me committed. I’m still a roller-coaster-exerciser…sometimes I’m all in & sometimes I’m all excuses. I did get myself out for a quick 2 miles Christmas morning but part of that motivation was knowing I had 6 miles to run the next day. Part of it was to sweat out sugar.  

6. I knocked off 10k from my List. And set myself up for a new PR at whatever 10k comes next.

7. I pushed myself. (see #1 above, #1-7 below) The race held me accountable. Instead of getting frustrated or disappointed, my mantras shifted a little for this run. Actually I didn’t repeat mantras over (usually  Dori’s “just keep on swimming running” would have worked) but keep an open mind of how it was going to go.

Why it wasn’t:
1. It was hot. We’ve lucked out with some perfect running weather in NYC this fall, so the high 70s/feels like 80s in Palm Beach threw me right back to summer.
2. There were no water fountains. I brought my bobble bottle with me (smart point) but finished it off before I was even half way done. I think this was the major drawback of my run – I’m use to a few water fountains sprinkled along the East River or throughout Central Park – at the very least a promise of a Vitamin Water 0 from a Duane Reade at the end. There was none of that, it wasn’t until I hit mile 5 and was circling back around did I discover one. Mixed with heat & sugar overload, water was very much-needed.

3. Blood sugars were still wacky. My blood sugar started out at 168, not awful but a little high for a first thing run. I should have done my long acting insulin before I left (stupid point) but regardless, it shot up during the run … probably adding to the dehydration & nausea. 

4.  My groin injury. I pulled my groin during my trip to San Francisco. Seriously, I walked a lot. I never really did much to repair it and often forget about it … except for when I run, than I’m remind it’s a legitimate injury and needs attention. 

5. My knee/IT band. Same old, same old. But another scream for going to yoga  & working on hip strengthening. 

6. I walked. Goal 1 : under 60 min. (ha! just because I’ve been bringing my 2 mile runs back under 10 minutes doesn’t mean I can hold that for 6 miles). Goal 2: keep under an 11 min mile.  Goal 3: don’t walk (this was given up for a new goal: don’t puke). 

7. Blisters. Not sure what the deal was but I don’t think I’ve ever gained so many in one run. Good thing I’m looking into getting new sneakers – maybe time to consider a new style?

So enough with the whining – was it worth it? You bet! I’m excited to make this an annual thing. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll even pull out some holiday cheer. {When my mom offered a lone jingle bell for decoration I replied in grinch style that I was not running 6 miles by myself with a bell on.} I’m even more excited to pick my next 10k and set a PR. Thank you girls for putting this together! 


mi Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft)
1 10:36 29
2 11:16 -26
3 11:42 8
4 14:55 -2
5 12:16 -17
6 12:06 4
7 9:32 5


Getting Involved : Girls on the Run 5K

After reading so much about Girls on the Run from Caitlin(HTP) and being bummed that all the fun was happening after school while I was stuck at an office I was excited to find a way to join in :

 This Saturday I get to be a Running Buddy during the big 5k run – what the girls have been working towards for 10 weeks.

See Caitlin’s recap of the Charlotte 5K (GotR headquarters) here and learn more about the program here

Last night we had an orientation of sorts to learn about the program on a national & local level (NYC is still fairly new but growing tremendously) and what expectations were as our role as a Running Buddy.

My office (& industry) is very tunnel vision and it’s easy to make it the majority of your focus day in, day out.  I miss teaching kids yoga a lot sometimes, while I would never make it my career as a 25-year-old with no siblings or young cousins it’s easy forget how much there is to gain from interacting with kids. One of the coaches said it last night as well as in the video, and as cliché as it is I totally agree : you learn as much from the kids as they learn from you.

Not going to lie, a little nervous that my buddy will smoke me & I’ll be struggling to keep up. But the funny thing is, I’m not the only one with that concern I learned last night.

We had the option to run the 5K last night and while the GotR rep was not afraid of the rain the rest opted to wait to see the course.

I headed to the gym instead.

I have this bad habit of thinking I can walk faster than waiting for a bus or subway.

I can’t.

For the record the idea of standing in the rain sounded stupid so I thought walking would at least make progress – the bus passed me & arrived 10 seconds before I reached the gym.

Story of my life.

My bloodsugar was 88 – if I was coming from the office I would declare it too low & an excuse to skip. However, I just trekked it in the rain with heavy bags – I was at least getting on the bike for some light cardio (skipping a Zumba class so I could control my effort a little more).

Low & behold (ha, is that a pun? I amuse myself) I surprised myself making it through 15 min on the bike feeling fine (downing a few glucose tablets) and then pulling out 30 full minutes on the elliptical.

Score. I haven’t actually been to the gym aside from monday night yoga in a long time so it felt good to get back on the machines.


Your turn:

Do you work or volunteer with kids? 

When was the last time you surprised yourself doing more than planned for a workout?

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{Weekend Recap}: Group Run & Exhale Yoga

Sunday was another :

 + Group Run

This time, since there were less girls, they encouraged us to step up a group. Pretty sure I kept the same pace by moving from beginners to intermediate but instead of running pretty much solo with a coach, I go to talk marathons with a bunch of girls. It was pretty cool to hear from girls running NYC ’12 and go me too!

It was a good run, we kept up a conversation and it was under 3 miles – nothing crazy. However, the fact that I chugged a latte and didn’t eat anything before, mixed with the blood sugar mess, I had to walk the last 1/4 of a mile or so. My blood sugar ended up being high not low go figure.

I felt my calves tighten up towards the end of the run, which I thought was silly. By the time I was headed home I wanted to crawl back and I put my compression sleeves on as soon as I walked in the door.

I ran a few quick errands (meaning hitting my 5 flights of stairs a few times) before heading back to Central Park to meet a friend for my first Exhale Yoga class. I received a very generous gift certificate to Exhale at the same time I injured my shoulder so I’ve put off going to a class for quite a while. And I was straight up intimidated by Core Fusion after a co-worker (spinning nut & marathoner) told me it brought her to tears. So I decide to go easy for the first session.

Or so I thought.

In tomorrow’s Monday Night Yoga I’ll compare studio vs. gym and how an Slow Flow class kicked my butt (and hips….and back).


Your turn:
Have you ever taken a Core Fusion class before?

What’s your favorite part of group runs? 


Favorite Finds

Could you imagine being Bob Harper’s personal trainer?  | FBG

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{Weekend Recap}: Volunteering & Group Run

  This weekend was brought to you by

even if they didn’t realize it.

On Saturday I volunteered at thewhere I was reminded that I’m not a foodie. A day filled with samples and tasting is many people’s idea of a good time – to me it’s frightening. Forget the fact that some would call me a picky eater (including myself), no sort of nutrition label, no calorie or carb counting, endless eating of unknown dishes – frightful. Frightful I tell ya.

Sunday I did a #firstever ! I did my first group run. It was split into 3 groups: Beginners were going 2 miles at a 12 min pace, Intermediates for 4 miles at 10 min and Advance at 6 miles at a 8 min pace. I’m somewhere between a beginner and intermediate. Since I’ve been on this little unintentional break for a month and was on the higher end of 10m/m anyways I decided to stick with the beginners even thought it was only 2 miles. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be at the back – it’s that I didn’t want to be far behind / dying of the intermediate group.

First few minutes in and I thought oh boy, this is going to be hard to move at a shuffle pace than busting to keep up. Sticking to the front, I got to chat with one of the coaches which was pretty cool. We ran through Central Park, something I had been hesitant to do by myself incase blood sugars crashed. At one point, another runner and myself got ahead of the pack and someone how caught up with the intermediate group. We kept going for a bit before realizing they were going further and decided to circle back around to our original “team.”   We ended up doing 3.2 miles.

Most importantly : Now I wanted to do more! I was always one of those that thought it was for more serious runners and didn’t think I could keep up.  You just make it work for you. I also didn’t have music (was chatting – another reason I aimed for slower), didn’t record the run and never saw how far or what time it was.

Ps. NYC weather went from cool to cold this morning. This weekend was beautiful – not ready for the cold! [I’m a baby in cold weather]

Weather for New York, NY

57°F | °C Mon Tue Wed Thu
Shower Shower Partly Cloudy Sunny
Wind: SE at 2 mph
Humidity: 56% 59° 50° 66° 55° 70° 48° 66° 46°

See that 57? Not cool. I thought we agreed on 70.


Your turn:

Have you ever done a group run? 

Was it with friends or strangers? 

Is it cold yet in your area?

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Early morning motivation

So this happened yesterday morning:

before work!

I work 9am – 7pm in an office M-F. At minimum. My role is really more a 24/7 gig but I’m required to be at the office for those 10 hours everyday and often succeed it with lots of overtime. Needless to say, it’s not always easy to find gym time.  I’m much more of a 10pm exerciser than a 6am, so despite my good intentions of setting an early alarm it usually just equates to an extra hour of hitting the snooze button.

However, yesterday an international client decided to help motivate me:

only the clock read 4:30 am. 

After dealing with the crisis for a solid 2 hours I was ready to run. I knew there was no going back to sleep or I would never get back up. Plus, I saw the sun rise and it’s fully summer weather in NYC.

It wasn’t the longest or fastest or bestest {go with it} run but there’s something to be said about being part of the early morning crowd.  I now understand Ali‘s love of taking pictures of the East River.  But really it was this mantra from Tina that kept me going – the promise of an extra ice coffee from a new favorite cafe.

Side note: Picked up some cherries from a fruit cart on my cool down. Wasn’t really sure that I actually liked cherries but they’re amazingly fresh and delicious …besides the whole pit thing…that I could really do without.