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Friday Favorites: 12.23

Ryan Gosling in Drunk History Christmas Lesson 

Calories in Homemade Christmas Cookies | Yum Sugar

I love Boo .

There’s a Pinterest copycat … not sure how I feel about that.

Jamba Juice is looking to enter the school market

Christmas around the world


Love this look from Kendi  – would be my perfect holiday outfit if I was staying up North.


I love love love my Orthopedic Surgeon – super friendly, supportive & got excited chatting marathon with him. Plus both he & the other doctor were suited up with red bow ties & everything – classy for the holidays.


I’m in control of the office TV today – we’re watching ABC Family Christmas movies.

In my defense I was looking for Elf – instead we’re watching Holiday in Handcuffs 



Your turn:

What’s your holiday style ? Dress it up or keep it comfy? 

Do you get / wear special holiday PJs? 

What’s your favorite holiday movie ? 

Elf, Home Alone, Santa Claus 


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{weekend recap} : Crazytown

Some how starting Friday Crazytown became my new expression.

Maybe it was because despite my not believing all the hype of the hurricane, I started to take it a little more serious when the city went on shut down.

Maybe it was the fact that all Friday  at work I was coordinating [read: begging, pleading, scheduling, assigning] a team to come in on Saturday ….and how they would get home after public transportation was shut down.

Maybe it was the fact that I was still doing so at 10:30pm on Friday.

Or maybe it was the line for check out at Food Emporium Saturday morning after I just made it to Bed Bath & Beyond {where I then decided that I would live off PB sandwiches should I get stuck in my apartment …and then realized that was nothing new…


It could have been considered crazytown that I cooked a proper dinner. And it was pasta. Pretty sure I had that box of pasta {opened} since I first moved into the city…almost 3 years ago. I added frozen veggies, sunflower seeds & feta. It was fancy. And yummy. It had many flavors….forgot what that was like.

And it was crazytown good that I continued my ABC Family hulu adventure & jumped on the Greek bandwagon ….watching the first entire season.

My favorite part may have when Cappie referenced Amelia Bedelia



Your turn:

Did you do anything new during the Hurricane shut down? 

Did you read Amelia Bedelia when you were younger?

I’m starting to think I’m turning into Amelia Bedelia these days…

What’s the last thing you cooked for dinner? 


Favorite Finds:

How NYC prepared for Hurricane Irene | guest of a guest