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Sunkissed Abs from Tone It Up {video here}

Completed 5/23


– did double side planks (both sides each round) 

– form sucked on skinny dips … blame the lack of arm strength

– least favorite was Tornado ( mostly b/c I had to re watch it & didn’t know what the move was …. also felt this one the most) 

– for “swim it out” I did 10 of these each time

Wasn’t a killer workout but definitely had me sweating & heart pumping

Also did 3 sets of 15 of wall pushups  (goal: to be able to do actual push ups) 

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Done : TIU Sandcastle Workout

Sandcastle Workout from Tone It Up 


Full workout & video here  – they also have medicine ball routine. 

Did the workout in my apartment & tried using the 2 sets of 3lbs weights since I didn’t have 5lbs …. and then I remembered I have no arm muscles and stuck with just 3lb dumbbells.