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Group Run: 6/3


Sunday was suppose to be a rest day but I couldn’t miss out on another group run with @UrbandGirlSquad & @Athleta_UES

Since Saturday was the first long run of training and I potentially have two soccer games this week, I made a deal with myself in that I could go but I’d take it easy. And here’s what I love about the group – I’ve gained the confidence to be completely ok with taking it easy.  

Despite my last run with them being not the best, I stuck with the intermediate group, trying to keep it conversational pace from the beginning. It was a wide range this time : 11 min – 8 min. 

I ended up chatting with someone new and we stuck with the same pace throughout the run. It was her first time with the group and a come back from a break in running. When we slowed down to a walk some where after mile 2  I was ok with that – I forgot my compression sleeves and was feeling the shin splints (but yay for no hip pain!).  

It was perfect weather – sunny but with a cool breeze (didn’t stop me from sweating!). The run was exactly what I’m trying to focus on – being ok to walk when needed, hydrating (I brought water!) and keeping control / not over pushing every time. Oh yeah – and having fun.  It became more about the social aspect than pushing myself as hard as I could, we chatted about Girls on the Run with one of the coaches (I’m a running buddy for the 5k next Sunday) and various volunteering stuff. 

We ended up knocking out

{planned for 3} 

Next run is June 17th – you should come!

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Group Run: 5/20

  Sunday was another group run with : 




Again I started to slow drop back, first a few steps behind the front of the pack but not quite with the second group. Then they were about a block ahead, finally all but one were out of eye view. There was one girl with a purple shirt that I recognized as being part of the group so I kept focused on her. It was as we hit the AIDS walk that I became separated from the pack so among the sea of red I focused on the glimpse of purple. Because she began a walk/run pattern I was finally able to catch up and we stuck it out together on the end. With my lovely sense of direction I thought we were on the north side of the reservoir slowly making our way west, feeling doomed because all the groups were suppose to gather back around now. Somehow I was completely off – we were still on the east side – and we quickly met up with them. 

I made sure to join in the group stretches this time. And not fake stretch either but really make sure I felt it. 

This week’s tied-in event was with Jack Rabbit….it introduced the gang to shoe analyze. Since I’m still on a pair that they fitted for me (and I love!) I went back to grab my purse. But I ended up going back to JR’s with some of the girls where I stocked up on fuel anyways.

The run was another reminder – I’d rather be pushing myself at the back of the pack than being ahead and not giving it my all! And truly, it’s these group runs that made me realize it. 

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Operation “Fall apart / Pull it together”

Since I declared I was going to run a marathon but have skipped all workouts minus a small victory of a morning run which was under 3 miles, let’s assess the situation:

Blood sugars : they hate me right now. So what do I do about that? Look for the patterns, evaluate recent eating habits (ahem – “dinner”) & tighten up my scheduling/get back into a routine. These are the big-ticket items – sleep & stress also play a factor but that rarely changes.

IT Band & Knee ( / injuries) : These hate me too right now. Mostly my IT bands are acting like I ran 10 miles and never stretched a day in my life. And my left knee just likes to remind me that it can be a pain. My calves reminded me that I live in a 5th floor walk up after I took them out for that jog Monday. (<— enough whining for ya?) So, how do I “fix” this? First: foam roll. (best.thing.ever.) along with the stick for targeting my calves (hurts so good). Second: Ice. Me and my ice pack have a close relationship.  Third: Strengthen training. This is the hard (read: discipline) part.

Exercise: If I skip Monday night yoga it’s usually a bad sign. Given my recent abuse of the snooze button in the morning, emotionally & mentally draining work environment and blood sugars bouncing all over the place my motivation…..has been laughing at me in the face.


I know, I know. Shut up with the excuses, we all have them. How do I plan to smoother these excuses? By….setting….plans. Gasp. As someone who is extremely adaptable & flexible in nature, the type A rigid planning idea always seemed suffocating. I like control & organization but I don’t deal well with strict (enter only child syndrome). Instead of setting rules & restrictions I’m instead going to find “anchors” to help me set plans in action. 

Case in point: Running group Sunday with Urban Girl Squad & Athleta.

Also : Catching up with a co-worker outside of the office at a yoga class (we both need it!) this weekend. As well as an Urban Girl Squad & Pure yoga event Wednesday with another friend.

To do: set a (loose) strength building plan. Lots of squats for the IT band & hip strengtheners. Core work. And really, starting from square 1 with the arms so that’s wide open.

Running: I signed up with the Girls on the Run event December 10th. While that wont be a race it is something to look forward to and a deadline of sort. Thanksgiving is still a little up in the air otherwise I would like to do another Turkey Trot.

So it’s a start, lots to build on but the hint of goal setting. Again, all those pieces fit into the puzzle together quite nicely, it’s getting them to fit properly.

On another note, the I.M. Healthy Chocolate Soy Nutbutter…seriously ah-mazing.


Your turn:

Are you a goal setter? 

What treat are you crushing on recently?