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3/11: Run

Goal: 7 

Ran: 7.11

Time:  1:12:45 | 10:14

This was my longest run since the summer (as will be all future long runs).

Bloodsugar before: 133 

Ate : vitamuffin + lavaish w. 1/2 pkt of Justin’s PB & honey 

Mile 5: 135

Ate: 2 glucose tablets since 2 miles left (apparently not necessary) 

Bloodsugar after: 156 

noted that this was an evening running. 

This is the most consistant my bloodsugars have ever been during a run – especially for a longer one. 

Felt like a strong solid run – not much different than a 3 miler. No notable pain / tweaks – wore compression sleeves. 

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2/5: Run

Goal: 4

Run: 5.09 

Time: 0:51:37 | 10:08

New sneakers. Awesome run. This should have foreshadowed shin splints. 

Fastest speed for that distance yet. 

Went super low (37) while running errands which delayed run, overcorrected and went up to 400. To prevent skipping run (and try out new sneakers!) I did 7 units. I had just under a serving of oatbran with peanut butter before heading out. 

Ended the run at 118. 

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New Shoes, New Love

After proclaiming to being a New Balance girl I’ve gone back on my words. Sunday afternoon I went to JackRabbit‘s to get fitted for a new pair of sneakers. Over the summer I went to Paragon Sports for an analysis and ended up with a pair of New Balance 770s. I didn’t love them but it was my first analysis so I assumed best. The pair prior to that had been a pair of Asics that I ordered offline {first time branching from NB}– and should have returned.

I’ve given Asics a new shot and think I’m in love.

Asics T256N 

At $110 they’re a bit pricier than any of the pairs I’ve scored off Joe’s New Balance Outlet or Zappos but I’m learning that sneakers are not the thing to skimp on – especially with my history of knee issues. I’ll save the deals for tank tops and capris.

I’ve only taken them for one run last night but it was by far one of my best runs. I had gone uptown to met a friend and while I had planned to go to JR right from there a blood-sugar of 37 (super low) killed that plan. Instead I headed back home to regroup …and over-treat. By the time I headed back up my blood-sugar was 412 (super high).  I knew that I was over treating at the time but was hit with one of those “consume all sugar and carbs until you feel better” waves. While bad blood-sugar games seem to be the new Sunday trend, I refused to miss out on the 4 miles I had schedule. Training wont really work out if I have to miss each long run. 

I did something I promised my doctor I wouldn’t. I did insulin before my run. With some oatbran (not quite a serving) + PB and 7 units it made a perfect formula.

During the summer I would get to a bridge to cross from York to the East River, I would always walk it and then pick back up. This time I held a consistent pace – my fastest consistent pace for 5 miles. While I had a slight nag to be mindful of pushing myself too hard with the blood-sugars the run was never a fight. There was no telling myself only one more mile, 4 more blocks, the next red light. Instead it was “well I’m not done yet, maybe I could go just a little bit further without losing momentum.”

And my blood-sugar after? 118. perfect.