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Drink up Buttercup! {#missionhydration}

Fact: I’m terrible at drinking enough water on a daily basis

Fact: A large percentage of my daily beverage consumption comes from Iced Coffee

Fact: I sweat. A lot. Often.

Fact: I don’t wear hats (protecting my head from heat exposure)

Fact: It’s hot out (being summer and all)

Fact: High blood-sugar can increase thirst

All those facts point to one very obvious conclusionDehydration is a serious concern for me this summer – especially while training for my first marathon(!!) .


I know that the actions I make outside of running will have a large impact on my training, therefore, I’ve been trying really really hard to start chugging. Ok sipping. A lot . Especially before my long run.

Since Memorial Day / training started I’ve carried a water bottle with me for every single run and am embracing the water fountains in central park.

That said, this whole #missionhydration thing is still a work in progress.

During last Saturday’s long run I drank water and stopped at fountains. After the whole phone debacle, I was finally left rushing home un-stretched and thirsty – far from the parks fountains. Luckily I actually had some cash on me (rare occurrence)  for a water bottle outside the park which I killed before I reached my apartment.

I threw a water bottle with Nuun in my bag – along with the container for later fueling. Smashed that on the train (I usually dehydrate myself during travel in fear of having to drag all my stuff to the bathroom).

But then came the iced coffee and it wasn’t until the early evening that I started back up with the water – even acknowledging that I should be drinking something but putting it off.

During last Sunday’s UGS/Athleta run I had my trusty side-kick water bottle with me, skipped the Honey Drop drinks for Hint Water that was offered (love when they include diabetic friendly options!) but that went  for the Iced Coffee (so.good.) straight after. Ran some errands mid day, taking the drop in humidity as a chance to walk some blocks (because I think my feet can travel faster than the bus – they can’t – especially in 90 degrees). Stopped and got some Arizona Iced Tea Vitamin Enhanced drink thing … too sweet ..when does that every happen?? Indulged my new trend (that I’m trying to drop) of a Powerade at Target.


So why am I telling you every drink that I had over last weekend?  Because shortly after I got home from Target and a few other errands I came home and crashed. Not in the I’m so tired, so sleepy, my body wants a rest way. More in the I’m a little light headed (and this has nothing to do with blood sugars) I just need to lie down kind of way. From that point I went through a steady stream of Nuun tablets, with only an appetite for baby carrots (water food) and laid in bed for the rest of the day (this is where pinning is awesome!).

Now here’s the weird part  – as I was about to go to bed my roommate came home so I stayed up chatting for a bit. An hour later as I turned off the lights I was wide awake. So I turned them back on – and never went to sleep.

I can drink coffee and take a nap right afterwards. I realized afterwards that some of the Nuun tablets have caffeine but there’s no way it would keep me up ….all night.

Something I also faced last Sunday was  delayed hypoglymica (low blood-sugars) …. I’ll do a post as I research it more and my experience with it but basically exercise can still “be in your system” for 48 hours prior affecting your blood-sugar.  Granted with an off appetite, lots of fluids & exhaustion  I wasn’t making the smartest decisions, both in meal choices and insulin calculations. However, it was the confirmation to (finally) start dropping insulin dosages  – something I’ve been playing around with all last week and into this.


Are you good about staying hydrated?

Favorite tips / tricks to drink more? 


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Feels like 3 degrees

Ok it really feels like 15, but it felt like 3 degrees this morning – iPhone told me so.

All I know was that it was freakin’ freezing.

I’m still working on this whole morning workout routine and am a little surprised that I got myself out from under warm covers this morning at 5:45am – especially since my room decided to be all drafty.

And I know, I know – it’s winter and it’s suppose to be cold. But man, I was getting spoiled with the mild weather – I’m down right bratty when it comes to the cold.

I piled on 3 top layers, plus my puffy jacket, full tights (thought about adding leg warmers), gloves, scarf & earband. And a warm cup of coffee.

I still couldn’t feel my fingers by the time I got to the gym.

It was fun seeing the people bravely battling the cold on their run – I saw one girl in a short puffy jacket bundled up. And another guy in shorts (and puffy jacket).

Know how in the summer when you take a cold shower and by the time the water hits your toes it’s hot? Today had the reverse effect – I was still freezing to the touch after getting out. In fact I went for tights and leggings today – I felt like a kid.

And the gym? It’s only my second morning session but it was a lot more crowded than in December …

Also – empty stomach, coffee & mildly high blood sugars isn’t the best mix but still pulled out a strong elliptical session & some planks.


This picture seems fitting as I go layer up to crawl into bed … I turned on the TV this evening (a rare occasion) & must shut it off before Revenge comes on & I get sucked in!


Your turn:

Do you prefer been really hot or really cold? 

Do you watch Revenge ?