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Weak Excuses

Last week was an all-star in fitness. This week? Not so much. The worst part is, it’s been one of those internal battles; wrestling with the snooze button, finding any reasoning to make an excuse. The truth of it all: I’m in a funk.

Waking up early for runs before work came so unnaturally easy for me last week that when it became a struggle I easily threw in the towel.

And my old gym routine? I dug deep for excuses. Actually that’s a lie – I found them easily right in front of me.

I skipped my favorite Yoga session and the butt kicking Pilates class with promises of doing an at home workout (lies) or the justification that I had more timely things to take care of (also ignored).

The one excuse I will accept  is that my stomach has been out of sorts, not something I frequently deal with, just enough for me to let it win. Have I changed my diet? Of course not, my appetite hasn’t change so why give up chocolate or coffee? Instead I skip the workouts.

I know I’ll correct this, probably not tomorrow but within a few days. But this is the cycle I go through : good weeks and then bad. Undoing my hard work from the week before by giving it all up. It’s what keeps me from being dedicated.  Or type A.

Enough whining {though I’m good at it}.  Time to get my head back into it… remember that time when I was injured (not long ago) and crying to sweat. No more excuses – that wont make me strong.


What’s your go to excuse? How do you fight it?