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It all goes together


  I didn’t listen. 

In fact, I haven’t been very good at following that rule of thumb (who came up with that expression?) in a while. Yes, a morning run on Monday was a big step for getting back on track but the blood sugars killed that idea this morning.  What about after work you ask…

I didn’t have it in me. It was a long, emotional, draining day at the office.

I know that exercise is a stress reliever &  a cure for bad moods. But already being in a “rut” it seemed like triple the energy and it wasn’t about a stress relief.

But this is why I’m setting goals and plans – to stop from these easy outs & excuses. 

To be truthful I didn’t know if I would be able to hold it together on the treadmill tonight.

I’ve been down this path before and it seems it all goes hand in hand in a cycle :

blood sugars, exercise, stress, happiness, motivation, healthy choices.

If you get exercise in line than the rest seems to follow. 

But for tonight, I’ll consider it a success that I didn’t take a spoon straight to the

chocolate soy nutbutter


Instead I settled for a good serving on two crackers.

It’s like Nutella only less sugar …and no hazelnuts….whatever you get the idea.

It’s chocolate and it’s good.

Other key elements for the night : More Ellie Goulding & Adele stations , a hot shower & this awesome letter to Ryan Gosling.


Your turn:

What do you go for during teary times?

Are you a Ryan Gosling fan?

{it’s ok, we can still be friends if you’re not}