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Warming Up to Christmas

One might say I’ve been a bit of a Scrooge this season.

I did try to prevent it – really I did – by playing pop holiday music at work.

{pin via Amy Atlas Blog}

But between some office situations, working on the 11/11/11 wish & health focus (my own & my families) I haven’t been seeing the bigger picture.

Plus I’m going to Florida.

And while it looks like you would almost be able to get away with open toed shoes & sundress in NYC since it’s been so unseasonably warm – I’ve never had Christmas with palm trees.


I’ve actually never had a Christmas outside of my town (or the next town over). There’s been lots of houses & lots of settings but the core elements have always been the same. I’m an only child but I’ve spent every Christmas morning opening my presents with my cousins & aunt so this will be my first only child Christmas.

Funny thing: both of my parents (separately) will be in Florida this year. 

This year isn’t about presents (though it never should be), it’s about quality time with family – this time specifically my mom.

I’m also planning to use this mini vacation (which it really is since I’m not very good at taking them) to recharge & restore.

I will be packing my foam roller.

And sneakers.

Since I may have just signed up for Healthy Happier Bear’s  Home for the Holiday’s virtual 10K. And by may – I mean I did. Let’s hope the doctor doesn’t negate that tomorrow!

It may even be why I’m checking luggage (thank you JetBlue).

I may even try to cook something. I mean I have only had 1 Christmas cookie all season …



Your turn:

Do you celebrate the Holidays in warm or cold weather?

Anything to put on the to-do list in Palm Beach?

Perhaps a running route? Specifically 3.1 – 6.2 miles.