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Adventures in Cambridge: Part 2

Last Saturday morning I was awoken by a flurry of text messages asking if I had arrived …..feeling loved is not a bad way to wake up! Even if it was a little earlier than planned. I had finally crashed at 3am the night before, after a full day of heavy lifting, so I was feeling it the next day. Once I was out of bed, the first mission was finding coffee….and preferably breakfast to go with it. I was trying to not do the whole “bar for a meal” thing but easier said than done / tough to break old habits.


I had scoped out Yelp days in advance the night before  to know what my coffee choices were. I opted for Darwin Ltd since it also listed breakfast sandwiches. Still asleep, wide-eyed   sleepy-eyed, I stumbled my way to the shop. While full of personality on the inside…

{image source}

I got a little nervous seeing the outside…

{image source}

Yes, I’m being dramatic. But finding the coffee shop that was going to be my source of comfort was key in making me feel at home. Being in a non-functional, exhausted funk, I was overwhelmed by the sandwiches, the popularity of the place and my odd freakout over if I had enough cash / they accepted cards… I just went for the coffee and popped in next door to the health market for a few snacks…and yes a protein bar. Since it was so sunny out and fairly warm, I decided some fresh air would be good before I faced all the unpacking, so I decided to do a wide loop before heading back to the apartment. I was also in search for a grocery store. All Yelp led me to was specialty stores and Whole Foods…. there had to be a general grocery store riiight?? Well if you find one, let me know, because I’m still searching. I despise grocery shopping as it is and I got very used to shopping around in NYC for what select items I needed and doing cost comparisons (I’d rather spend my money on a meal out than a meal in). I had 5 grocery stores within a 10 minute walk, plus a health food store that had competitive / if not lower prices and Target not too far away.  Plus I would trek over to the West side for Trader Joes every so often. I may have been called dramatic for my freak out due to the lack of options but I’m not kidding. Seriously, all of Cambridge goes to Whole Foods?? When looking at areas originally, I was reassured by the fact that Cambridge has a Trader Joes. What I didn’t consider was how accessible it would be to me. I still haven’t attempted the buses here and while a 20 min walk doesn’t sound too bad, it’s not the easiest trek. I considered hauling the goods home my arm work out. While I’m still on the hunt for where I can stock up on Chobani (their new flavors please, maybe even a champion or key lime flip!) and get apples for less than $2.50/lb when I eat at least one a day, I have made some break through on the coffee front.

{via Dwelltime FB page}

Dwelltime does not mess around when it comes to coffee. While it seems to be a wifi hotspot, it’s not overly crowded. I started off with iced coffee and it was the good stuff, strong. Plus their registers are iPads … they offer up a little Brooklyn style comfort. I’ve been in there a few times already and switched to a hot coffee on a rainy afternoon. The barista offered up a blend and I took her suggestion … didn’t know I was getting a hand crafted drip-coffee. Did I mention there’s no card minimum? Love it / dangerous. And the day that I got the drip coffee, I treated myself to a Pumpkin Cranberry Vegan cake …..oh that was delicious.   I’m all for paying more for a good cup of coffee but this wont be my regular quick fix.

{image from their site}

Enter 1369 Coffee House. One major draw back is the cash only thing, I’m awful about having it on me and now that I’m saving my quarters for laundry, I don’t even have that emergency stash for a small cup. But their coffee is pretty good and they have a large selection of teas. They offer up wifi but I think only the first hour is free and then you pay, it’s also more packed in there so I think this will be my more regular to go place. Still lots to explore.  I walked through Iman Square, while not the next block street, it does offer up a few coffee shops & restaurants that looked worth checking out. Perhaps that’ll be on the list for this weekend.


Adjustment #2 : it’s going to take me a little longer to get to coffee ….but I’m slowly scoping out my likes & dislikes

Adjustment #3 : Seriously, where do Cambridge people (uh is there a name?) grocery shop? Considering PeaPod, anyone use it before?



Ever been to the Cambridge area? Suggestions? 

Ever move to a new town / city ? Biggest challenge?



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Friday Favorites: 12.16


Cafe Misto with Soy Milk & Nutmeg
(+ chipped manicure – it lasted a day)


My Team for Kids shirt came in the mail!
This is the first of many to come “this is real” moments.
Time to get serious.



Hand delivered clients out. A few mailings to go. Secret Santa gift under the tree. Heading to holiday party in T-minus 1 hour.


I demonstrated some serious yoga deep breathing & patience in the holiday crowd.

One of my injuries is already hurting from all the obstacle running around the city I did today. I haven’t put on the heels to start the dance moves yet. I foresee a lot of icing in my near future.


You never know what someone’s going through | Katy Widrick

I’m not sending out cards this year except for one: Send a Card to Max | PB Fingers

Life is full of decisions. Not all have to be difficult. Love this holiday interactive video from Madewell.






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All Nighter

I’m just leaving the office. For most it’s lunchtime. Lunch outside of the office is a rarity all on it’s own (can count the number of times in the past 3 years). But I’m leaving for the first time since arriving at 9am….yesterday. Yep, 27.5 hours. My first full post-college all nighter on a project.

Again, not uncommon in my office – just usually not a part of my role.

But the thing I’m most surprised by is how well I kept up. I’ve pulled many nights past midnight. They usually add to extra trips to the M&M jars. Or snacking on someone’s left over chips & salsa {ok interruption: I just paid $4.25 for a small iced coffee – WTF?!}. But this time I did binge from exhaustion. I didn’t start to crash until 10am and only had a few extra chocolates and drank more water than coffee.

I know I’m not the only one with crazy hours at the office…how do you stay clear headed & keep from throwing healthy decisions out the window?

And I know it’s NYC & all and am willing to splurge on coffee but $4.25 for a small?? Really?? Apparently I’m not that clear headed.

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Early morning motivation

So this happened yesterday morning:

before work!

I work 9am – 7pm in an office M-F. At minimum. My role is really more a 24/7 gig but I’m required to be at the office for those 10 hours everyday and often succeed it with lots of overtime. Needless to say, it’s not always easy to find gym time.  I’m much more of a 10pm exerciser than a 6am, so despite my good intentions of setting an early alarm it usually just equates to an extra hour of hitting the snooze button.

However, yesterday an international client decided to help motivate me:

only the clock read 4:30 am. 

After dealing with the crisis for a solid 2 hours I was ready to run. I knew there was no going back to sleep or I would never get back up. Plus, I saw the sun rise and it’s fully summer weather in NYC.

It wasn’t the longest or fastest or bestest {go with it} run but there’s something to be said about being part of the early morning crowd.  I now understand Ali‘s love of taking pictures of the East River.  But really it was this mantra from Tina that kept me going – the promise of an extra ice coffee from a new favorite cafe.

Side note: Picked up some cherries from a fruit cart on my cool down. Wasn’t really sure that I actually liked cherries but they’re amazingly fresh and delicious …besides the whole pit thing…that I could really do without.