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Feels like 3 degrees

Ok it really feels like 15, but it felt like 3 degrees this morning – iPhone told me so.

All I know was that it was freakin’ freezing.

I’m still working on this whole morning workout routine and am a little surprised that I got myself out from under warm covers this morning at 5:45am – especially since my room decided to be all drafty.

And I know, I know – it’s winter and it’s suppose to be cold. But man, I was getting spoiled with the mild weather – I’m down right bratty when it comes to the cold.

I piled on 3 top layers, plus my puffy jacket, full tights (thought about adding leg warmers), gloves, scarf & earband. And a warm cup of coffee.

I still couldn’t feel my fingers by the time I got to the gym.

It was fun seeing the people bravely battling the cold on their run – I saw one girl in a short puffy jacket bundled up. And another guy in shorts (and puffy jacket).

Know how in the summer when you take a cold shower and by the time the water hits your toes it’s hot? Today had the reverse effect – I was still freezing to the touch after getting out. In fact I went for tights and leggings today – I felt like a kid.

And the gym? It’s only my second morning session but it was a lot more crowded than in December …

Also – empty stomach, coffee & mildly high blood sugars isn’t the best mix but still pulled out a strong elliptical session & some planks.


This picture seems fitting as I go layer up to crawl into bed … I turned on the TV this evening (a rare occasion) & must shut it off before Revenge comes on & I get sucked in!


Your turn:

Do you prefer been really hot or really cold? 

Do you watch Revenge ?