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Getting Involved : Girls on the Run 5K

After reading so much about Girls on the Run from Caitlin(HTP) and being bummed that all the fun was happening after school while I was stuck at an office I was excited to find a way to join in :

 This Saturday I get to be a Running Buddy during the big 5k run – what the girls have been working towards for 10 weeks.

See Caitlin’s recap of the Charlotte 5K (GotR headquarters) here and learn more about the program here

Last night we had an orientation of sorts to learn about the program on a national & local level (NYC is still fairly new but growing tremendously) and what expectations were as our role as a Running Buddy.

My office (& industry) is very tunnel vision and it’s easy to make it the majority of your focus day in, day out.  I miss teaching kids yoga a lot sometimes, while I would never make it my career as a 25-year-old with no siblings or young cousins it’s easy forget how much there is to gain from interacting with kids. One of the coaches said it last night as well as in the video, and as cliché as it is I totally agree : you learn as much from the kids as they learn from you.

Not going to lie, a little nervous that my buddy will smoke me & I’ll be struggling to keep up. But the funny thing is, I’m not the only one with that concern I learned last night.

We had the option to run the 5K last night and while the GotR rep was not afraid of the rain the rest opted to wait to see the course.

I headed to the gym instead.

I have this bad habit of thinking I can walk faster than waiting for a bus or subway.

I can’t.

For the record the idea of standing in the rain sounded stupid so I thought walking would at least make progress – the bus passed me & arrived 10 seconds before I reached the gym.

Story of my life.

My bloodsugar was 88 – if I was coming from the office I would declare it too low & an excuse to skip. However, I just trekked it in the rain with heavy bags – I was at least getting on the bike for some light cardio (skipping a Zumba class so I could control my effort a little more).

Low & behold (ha, is that a pun? I amuse myself) I surprised myself making it through 15 min on the bike feeling fine (downing a few glucose tablets) and then pulling out 30 full minutes on the elliptical.

Score. I haven’t actually been to the gym aside from monday night yoga in a long time so it felt good to get back on the machines.


Your turn:

Do you work or volunteer with kids? 

When was the last time you surprised yourself doing more than planned for a workout?