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Commute with Swagger.

All last week I added a little swagger into my commute. With new groin (oh so lovely) hip flexor pain on the left, I’ve got a lit bit of a two step / limp going on. Add the Jay-Z Pandora station I’ve been playing, mixed with the clenched fists & grimace (my feelings towards an added injury) and throwing my shoulder into it ( that’s my tactic to tell the pain to shove off) I’m sure I convey to my fellow commuters that I’m tough….or something like that. Except for Thursday. Thursday I had my soccer gear … I just looked like I was hustling bags. What I felt like was a weighed down mule with more than I could carry. Sometimes I miss my car.

{swagger like us}

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What the H stairs???

What the H stairs???

After 6+ months of living in a 5th floor walk up, plus walking the escalators during my commutes, you would think stairs would be effortless. Not so much. All it’s done is add to some extremely tight calves. Last night I was seriously winded coming out of the subway – a far too familiar feeling.

I will conquer them. If for no other reason than their taunting me as I climb to the top panting while trying to pull it together and seem effortless in that NYC way.

Damn you stairs. I will be able to RUN up you with full victory…..Hopefully before it’s time to move out.