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The time a child procedure turned me into a 26 yro child:

I got tubes put in my ears today for the 5th time. It’s like chicken pox & getting your tonsils out – more likely to happen during childhood. Which it did… twice. And two more times in college.

But never in NYC….loud noisy NYC.

The first time I got it done in college I was a Freshman and was in for a bit of sensory shock. It was Easter weekend and I remember being frightened about returning to the dorm where my loving but very loud new BFFs were. By senior year I played up the adjustment memory and it ended up being no big deal.

This time I had it done right in the doctor’s office, as opposed to the hospital. It was less stressful than a dentist visit. Left ear done, no sweat. Only then I was hit with that wave of a low feeling where it hits hard & washes over you. As the doctor began on the right ear I interrupted him to grab glucose tablets. Then while he was making a note I grabbed my monitor – 98. That’s not low. Took the tablets anyways. The doctor was awesome, made sure I was ok, got me water & a cold compress. Even though Diabetes isn’t his field (and you’d be surprised – just because they’re a doctor doesn’t mean they really know about one of the biggest current epidemics) he was aware. I haven’t actually been taken care of during a low in quiet sometime & as I told him, I was glad it happened while I was sitting in a chair vs. walking around the city.

So what was up? Who knows, could have been my body’s reaction to the procedure as much as bloodsugars – stuff that “regular” people might encounter but I recognize as low symptoms.

Where does the child part come in?

After the appointment I had a meeting, which aside from wanting earmuffs for the subway, went well. I think it was the first time I wanted a cool big pair of headphones. Instead I just wore my iPhone ones to muffle some noise (that’s right NYC I wasn’t really listening to anything).

All was fine & dandy. Until I get home. And crashed. Suddenly I’m a kid….who desperately needs a nap, I’m exhausted .By late afternoon I found myself with my hands over my ears scowling at the refrigerator for humming and the airplane outside for flying. And saying “nnnnnNo!” To no one or anything in particular.

Much like this kid (he gets favorite points for switching gears at the mention of ice cream). 

I was supposed to go to a networking event but finally I realized that no one wants a cranky two-year old at a grown up function….especially when the two-year old is actually 26.


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Cranky Yoga

Was it the “downward dog, please” every.single.time. ?


The 500 mountain climbers in plank?


The 300 “straighten&bend” while in warrior II?


The squats that sort of resemble chair pose but not really?

Must have been the gym instructor microphone and the sighs (not exhales) that were broadcasted. I wasn’t entirely convinced she was a yoga instructor but rather a dancer who picked up some yoga moves.

I tried to be open-minded, I did. ….

Only, 10 min into the class and I had a full fledge crank face on.


In fact, I apologize to the rest of the class for my bratty expressions. But I don’t think I found my new Monday Night Yoga class.

I was not prepared for a boot camp. Did my arms & abs need a challenge? Yes. Did my hip flexor need to be tested out? Yes. But I was looking for a deep stretch – body & mind.


The guys behind me were getting a lot out of the class. What equally impresses me as the people who are moving gracefully into a pose, are the people who are stepping outside their comfort zone…those that know when they need to step back into child’s pose.

Hopefully they weren’t too thrown off by the girl in front of them that was one breath away from an eye rolling sigh.

Hey, not every class is guaranteed to be zen.

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3/29: Soccer

Last Thursday was our second outdoor soccer game. While the first game was the earliest yet (7:30p) and it was warm & humid out, last week was freezing and at 9:15p. 

The moment I left the office and realized it was frigid in my dress, I knew I was in trouble since the only thing I had besides my shorts & t-shirt was my zip up which I wouldn’t be able to wear during the game.  

I had flashbacks of high school when we would beg to keep our warmups on during the game. Pleading for at least the pants. The sting of getting hit by the ball while frozen. 

So from the subway to the field I was in desperate search of getting creative. I knew there was CVS and I was willing to fleece sweatpants style if needed. Or get socks to somehow create arm warmers like this girl. I would have been able to cut socks with keys right??

I ended up with $9.99 black pants … didn’t really want to add to the collection of junk workout clothes but these were worth every penny! I also bought some form of leggings … just incase but those will be returned, even if they had a nice metal grey shine to them.

The cold makes me cranky & whiny. Which may be why I was a bit bratty on the field. I should have realized that if I’m limping while walking, perhaps running stop & go wouldn’t go so well. I felt like I was letting my team down – which I was … I wasn’t playing my best and let the frustration get to me which didn’t help any.  Forget high school, I felt like I was playing in middle school again, trying to hold back the tears because I was mad at myself.  


Lucky we have this week off so I can pull it together.