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Goal update: 1 month in

A month in, let’s take a look back at my goals for 2012 shall we ?
1. Run NYC Marathon Signed up for the More/Fitness Magazine 1/2 marathon , scheduled doctors appointment to set up a plan & build a support team. 
2. Raise money for Team for Kids Time to step up the game on this one {you can help HERE!!} But I’ve put together some plans of actionn
3. Strength train I’m doing it! Still trying to find the right plan as right now I’m just grabbing a hodge podge of things but I’m still feeling Monday night’s circuit. 
4. Build arm strength This is on the agenda for tomorrow, a rest day for legs, but I can tell you that I’m feeling it a bit from #plankadays (when I do them) 
5. Floss regularly #fail. major #fail. I have a dentist appointment on Saturday. They’re going to be mad at me. 
6. Cook one new meal a month I made pancakes! I may have burnt them but they still came out yummy.  {following this recipe + a heavy smear of PB & honey} 
7. Aim for more balanced dinners I did! Morning workouts definitely help with this because I have more time in the evening. My attempts: 
1) Veggie burger w. spinach & laughing cow swiss cheese & balsamic vinaigrette on crackers
2) Spinach with feta, chickpeas, dried cranberries & {frozen} sweet potatoes 
3) {frozen} Butternut squash with dried cranberries, pecans, cinnamon & a drizzle of honey
8. Repair injuries – right shoulder, right groin, left knee (<<focus>>) left IT Band, left hip. I went to my orthopedic doctor to get clearance for the knee, trying to keep out of PT for the moment so icing a bunch and really trying to pay attention to strength training & stretching. 
9. Make my 11/11/11 wish come true. Oh bother. I am trying. This can’t come soon enough but as of right now I’m back at square one. 
10. Do wheel pose in yoga That would mean I’d have to be doing yoga and I haven’t been to good at that. 
11. Make smart financial decisions. Taking a shopping break after the holiday definitely helps. 
12. Include more veggies in my diet. I put shredded carrots in my maple brown sugar oatmeal – it’s like carrot cake muffin! Or it will be once I stop using the horrid rice protein powder but I’m cheap and want to use it all up.
13. Drink more water. Sigh, not enough. I picked up more Nuun tablets to help with the chugging. 
14. Try out new fitness classes. ummmm, this weekend??  Unless new yoga classes  at Exhale count!
15. Get involved in the health & wellness community. Soccer! Ok, that’s not what I originally had in mind. I’ve had some great discussions with a co-worker about how we can get more involved but I haven’t done anything yet. I’m going to blame it on having to move at the end of the month. 
Today’s workout: a sluggish 3.04 miles in 35:25 (11:39 m/m). I need to start brewing coffee before my run. Attempting to get some quick quad exercises in before bed, motivation: tomorrow is rest day and I get a little extra sleep! 
Your turn:
Any major progression in a 2012 goal for you?

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A Nutty Day

Breakfast : waffle + pb & iced coffee

Lunch: smoothie w. macadamia butter & almond milk 

Snack: mixed nuts *

Dinner: waffle + pb (a lot) & ice cream 

yep that seems about right. 

In other fun news: I had two fillings today + treatment for “pockets.”

Remember to floss kids. 

(image source)

* Yesterday broke a 6 month detox from hitting up the office assortment of walnuts, honey roasted peanuts, macadamia nuts & the likes. Making today the second day in a row of filling up a coffee cup. Tomorrow it’s back on the bandwagon…..I’ll save them for my salad!


Your turn:

Does your office offer snacks ? 

What’s your go to easy meal / snack / source of food ?     


My PSA to Floss

Etsy. (not really sure who you would share these with....but they're cute!)

How often are you reminded that you should floss more? Or say that you will?
I’ll admit it, I’m lazy when it comes to my dental care. It’s the doctor visit I’ll put of the most, the one I’ll constantly reschedule.
I did the braces thing but was not very good about my retainer.
 [wow anyone remember the cartoon braceface?]
Low bloodsugars had me downing sugar in the middle of the night and I can guarantee there was no re-brushing my teeth while 1/2 asleep.
There’s been plenty of cavities.
And a crown.
And now pockets?
Pockets? What the h are those? Sounds kind of silly and not so serious right?
Apparently not – it’s the beginning of Periodental disease.
Thanks Mom  & Dad {though apparently it’s not really their fault}.
And since I tried to ignore this my last visit, I’m paying for it {literally} now with treatments, thankfully just antibiotic shots that I’m hoping aren’t really shots.
If only I flossed more.
$2 for floss and 30 seconds is sounding way better than a few hundred and drills.
Oh and did you know that fillings aren’t forever?? I have to have two redone. Because it was so fun the first time…
And that my friends, is my PSA in dental care. Lets see if I listen to myself.