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It all goes together


  I didn’t listen. 

In fact, I haven’t been very good at following that rule of thumb (who came up with that expression?) in a while. Yes, a morning run on Monday was a big step for getting back on track but the blood sugars killed that idea this morning.  What about after work you ask…

I didn’t have it in me. It was a long, emotional, draining day at the office.

I know that exercise is a stress reliever &  a cure for bad moods. But already being in a “rut” it seemed like triple the energy and it wasn’t about a stress relief.

But this is why I’m setting goals and plans – to stop from these easy outs & excuses. 

To be truthful I didn’t know if I would be able to hold it together on the treadmill tonight.

I’ve been down this path before and it seems it all goes hand in hand in a cycle :

blood sugars, exercise, stress, happiness, motivation, healthy choices.

If you get exercise in line than the rest seems to follow. 

But for tonight, I’ll consider it a success that I didn’t take a spoon straight to the

chocolate soy nutbutter


Instead I settled for a good serving on two crackers.

It’s like Nutella only less sugar …and no hazelnuts….whatever you get the idea.

It’s chocolate and it’s good.

Other key elements for the night : More Ellie Goulding & Adele stations , a hot shower & this awesome letter to Ryan Gosling.


Your turn:

What do you go for during teary times?

Are you a Ryan Gosling fan?

{it’s ok, we can still be friends if you’re not}


Clear headed decision

Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” has been on repeat all day.

Partially because I’ve been playing the Ellie Goulding station at work. I go through phases.

So I’ve read the marathon recaps, I’ve signed up with Teams for Kids and I’ve started to tell my friends and family – I’m committed.  Deciding to run the 2012 NYC Marathon has been one of my most goal oriented, clear-headed and focus decisions ever. Heck it might even be the decision.

I know it’s not going to be easy. In the past 48 hours since confirming my decision my blood sugars have been a mess – almost to spite me. But some how the idea of the marathon makes me want to gain control more than anything in the past. I once had an eye doctor tell me I couldn’t get Lasik until my blood sugars were under control – something I hadn’t been trying to do my entire life or anything. Ok Doc, sure it’s so I can get rid of my contacts that I’ll all of a sudden figure this out, nothing to do with my future health, lifespan or any other threat.

But this challenge (which will be as much as the training and figuring out how this is going to happen as well as the race) will be my chance to tell my blood sugars (yeah I speak to “them” – calling me crazy?) ha! I win! Because it wont be easy and it wont always be fun but I don’t think for a second that it’s not doable.  Time to get my research on to find some success stories.

don't be afraid to fail



Your turn:

What’s the last song you played on repeat?