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3/28, 3/30, 3/31, 4/1: skipped/ injuries

Wednesday was skipped because I’ve been skipping all my Wed workouts #lame

Friday was a rest day.

Saturday I was trying to figure out what this new injury (hip flexor was) & overly cautious. I also slept. It was nice.

Sunday – I debated the planed 9 miles but this new trigger of pains made me think it was smarter to ice instead.

What should have happened was a lot more yoga.

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When [will you run]

If running is important to you, then your mind-set shifts from Can I find time for it? to When can I find time for it? You think in terms not of Will I run today? but When will I run today?

– Scott Douglas, author of The Little Red Book of Running via Runners World

That was the quote of the day from Runners World this morning. Which I received after a battle against the snooze button (again) in which it won (again). I knew that I would cranky this evening that I was forced to run after work now that I’ve gotten use to just crashing. But since I skipped yesterdays 2 miles there was no getting out of tonight. Not quite matching the mind-set but getting there…

Opting out of Wednesday morning was fairly warranted – my blood-sugar was over 500 after soccer which I of course over treated and woke up 27. Those are about as bad as it gets on either sides. Of course drenched in sweat and 1/2 asleep I over treated again (yes, a reoccurrence) and woke up in the 300s …which meant no run.

So my excuse for not making up for it Wednesday night? Despite mentioning that stress-management was my daily healthy effort I had a very (very) emotional day at work that left me drained and in bed at 9:30. Why yes, I did lose to the snooze button after going to bed ridiculously early.

Anyways….I had the whole idontwannaaaaa thing going on but after having one too many handfuls of PB Cheerios I told myself I had to be out the door by 8:30. Luckily my sneakers still make me happy and lacing up was a little easier.

When I used to run at night I ran in the East Village where I was always dodging people, running around the Upper East Side is not quite the same and I opted out of running along the river.

RunKeeper was lying to me again, whispering in my ear that I was running 8 minute miles.

I remapped it when I got home and it was 3.75 miles with an average pace of 10:13. I’ll go with it, there were moments I felt like the entire run was uphill but had a really strong finish at the end.

P.S. I love that in NYC I can finish a run, cool down for a block and stop into the grocery store not caring if I’m flushed/sweaty/seen. Freezer is still broken and I was starting to play roulette not icing my knee & groin so I stopped to pick up a bag…and peanut butter b/c 24 hours with out PB is too long.


Your turn:

Are you a morning or night runner?



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Is your refrigerator running?

i will not ask where january went. i will not ask where january went. i will not ask where january went. I will not ask where january went. i will not ask where january went. 

It’s February! And I just wore a t-shirt on my night run. #loveit

This morning started off a little rough – once I saw it was rainy out I wussed out of my morning run knowing it was going to be a challenge to follow through this evening.

Than I discovered my fridge decided to stop working over night. Ice cube trays were water. So after an hour of figuring out how to be an adult & handle it … and leaving a voicemail with my super, I headed to the bodega to get 5 bags of ice which I crammed into the freezer with the already (no longer) frozen veggies & rescued my insulin & all the dairy including all the Chobani I just stocked up on. Important things people! 

The ice was still ice and the yogurt was still cold this evening so I figured I’m going back to the old age & utilizing an icebox. I hope I don’t get food poisoning. 

Starving when I got home, an almost dead iPhone and a blood-sugar that would need a boost for a run … it was easy to talk myself out of it. But I knew I would be mad at myself, especially after last week when so many off-set plans were out of my control, so I laced up the moment there was a break in my excuses.


And than went out and dominated my run. 

2 miles were on the plan. I came up 1/2 mile short yesterday so I knew I wanted to tack that on if not go for 3 (there was a time when 3 was the norm). 

This time when RunKeeper told me I was pulling under 10 min miles I believed it:

Funny I had just pinned this from Women’s Running


and once I knew it was possible all I could think of was keeping it under 9:20 …. I did 2.95 miles (yeah that missing .05 hurts) in 27:19 – average 9:15. I could have strongly rounded it off at 3 – I need to go back & study my routes apparently – especially since  3 miles are on the plan for tomorrow morning.

Oh and I most definitely know how to kick my own butt – my legs are feeling Monday nights  routine. Hopefully I can put together an equally good one for my quads tomorrow night.

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Monday Night Yoga: When I need it the most, I neglect it the most

I didn’t go. again.
I’ve been whining (mostly to myself) about my knee, hip and IT Band.
They’re all a tight mess.
And then I roll my eyes at myself
(no? ok I sigh).
I know what the problem is.
I need to stretch. And strength train.
Just under a year ago I was in PT, benched from any activity and looking forward to simply adding a new stretch to the routine.
I made time for foam rolling – because that was the only thing I could do.
And while strength training is going to require some better discipline
(foreshadow 2012 goals…), stretching should be a cinch.
I’m the girl that stretches at the bus stop. On the bus. At my desk. While brushing my teeth.

But what I really need is to keep up with is the yoga.
I’ve missed two weeks of Monday night classes – my most consistent one.
And I feel it.

My body feels it. And my mind does too.

Plus I like it.

Though, I’ve developed the new habit of rocking out (ok Pandora shuffle) to yoga music to calm the nerves.

The kicker?  Many often get into a “rut” or “fall off the wagon” during this time of year with holiday festivities.
I can’t even call that my excuse. Primarily work. And working on that 11/11/11 wish.

Same old, same old.

Here’s hoping for a recharge during the holidays!


You’re turn:

Do you struggle to work out during the holidays? 

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Operation “Fall apart / Pull it together”

Since I declared I was going to run a marathon but have skipped all workouts minus a small victory of a morning run which was under 3 miles, let’s assess the situation:

Blood sugars : they hate me right now. So what do I do about that? Look for the patterns, evaluate recent eating habits (ahem – “dinner”) & tighten up my scheduling/get back into a routine. These are the big-ticket items – sleep & stress also play a factor but that rarely changes.

IT Band & Knee ( / injuries) : These hate me too right now. Mostly my IT bands are acting like I ran 10 miles and never stretched a day in my life. And my left knee just likes to remind me that it can be a pain. My calves reminded me that I live in a 5th floor walk up after I took them out for that jog Monday. (<— enough whining for ya?) So, how do I “fix” this? First: foam roll. (best.thing.ever.) along with the stick for targeting my calves (hurts so good). Second: Ice. Me and my ice pack have a close relationship.  Third: Strengthen training. This is the hard (read: discipline) part.

Exercise: If I skip Monday night yoga it’s usually a bad sign. Given my recent abuse of the snooze button in the morning, emotionally & mentally draining work environment and blood sugars bouncing all over the place my motivation…..has been laughing at me in the face.


I know, I know. Shut up with the excuses, we all have them. How do I plan to smoother these excuses? By….setting….plans. Gasp. As someone who is extremely adaptable & flexible in nature, the type A rigid planning idea always seemed suffocating. I like control & organization but I don’t deal well with strict (enter only child syndrome). Instead of setting rules & restrictions I’m instead going to find “anchors” to help me set plans in action. 

Case in point: Running group Sunday with Urban Girl Squad & Athleta.

Also : Catching up with a co-worker outside of the office at a yoga class (we both need it!) this weekend. As well as an Urban Girl Squad & Pure yoga event Wednesday with another friend.

To do: set a (loose) strength building plan. Lots of squats for the IT band & hip strengtheners. Core work. And really, starting from square 1 with the arms so that’s wide open.

Running: I signed up with the Girls on the Run event December 10th. While that wont be a race it is something to look forward to and a deadline of sort. Thanksgiving is still a little up in the air otherwise I would like to do another Turkey Trot.

So it’s a start, lots to build on but the hint of goal setting. Again, all those pieces fit into the puzzle together quite nicely, it’s getting them to fit properly.

On another note, the I.M. Healthy Chocolate Soy Nutbutter…seriously ah-mazing.


Your turn:

Are you a goal setter? 

What treat are you crushing on recently?

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Weak Excuses

Last week was an all-star in fitness. This week? Not so much. The worst part is, it’s been one of those internal battles; wrestling with the snooze button, finding any reasoning to make an excuse. The truth of it all: I’m in a funk.

Waking up early for runs before work came so unnaturally easy for me last week that when it became a struggle I easily threw in the towel.

And my old gym routine? I dug deep for excuses. Actually that’s a lie – I found them easily right in front of me.

I skipped my favorite Yoga session and the butt kicking Pilates class with promises of doing an at home workout (lies) or the justification that I had more timely things to take care of (also ignored).

The one excuse I will accept  is that my stomach has been out of sorts, not something I frequently deal with, just enough for me to let it win. Have I changed my diet? Of course not, my appetite hasn’t change so why give up chocolate or coffee? Instead I skip the workouts.

I know I’ll correct this, probably not tomorrow but within a few days. But this is the cycle I go through : good weeks and then bad. Undoing my hard work from the week before by giving it all up. It’s what keeps me from being dedicated.  Or type A.

Enough whining {though I’m good at it}.  Time to get my head back into it… remember that time when I was injured (not long ago) and crying to sweat. No more excuses – that wont make me strong.


What’s your go to excuse? How do you fight it?