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Monday Night Yoga: Free time to Exhale

 So I had grand plans that if we were given the week off between Christmas & New Years I would take full advantage of all the fitness classes my gym offers which I don’t usually get to go to,  as well as finally use passes to Pure Yoga and my gift certificate to Exhale.

Sometimes too many options and too much time leads to little action. 

But I did get to 2 Exhale classes. Both Slow Flow – aiming for a restorative approach and working on the whole knee/hip/groin thing.


I went Saturday to the UES 12:15 with Diana Rilov. I went to the gym for a quick 30 min cardio warm up first and since I’m awful with timing and estimating how long it takes to get some place (and thinking the studio was closer to the gym than it was) I had to hustle – when it started to rain – wtf anyone else get caught in that quick shower? I snuck into class (luckily I wasn’t the only one so I wasn’t completely disruptive). Maybe it was because I jumped in but I was out of synch with the instructor. It was also my first time in that location and it’s a lot brighter. In a true NYC moment there was a fight between two women that involved a (barking) dog. Channel that Zen! At one point we went into that 1/2 table top 1/2 wheel pose. I actually have no idea what it’s called – I’d go with reaching table – but when someone asked the instructor her reply was “I don’t know but we just do it because it’s fun!” At first I thought she was a little batty but as she kept on exclaiming “it’s fun!” I realized that sometimes being on the mat isn’t only about letting it go to find that center point – sometimes it’s just about letting go and not any deeper than that.

{urban yoga girl via pin}

Since I jumped straight into the practice I also didn’t really see who I was practicing with until 1/2 way through the class. I was the youngest one there which is how I started out but far different from my usual gym class. It’s actually easier for me to not compare / judge / be competitive in that environment.


Just as I ended the previous year, I started the new one off with another Exhale class. This time at the Central Park South location where I’ve been previously. This location is to me a more traditional studio – darker & quieter. The instructor was Danielle Lee and her style was what I needed – she focused on legs & alignment.


It’s cliché & all zen sounding but it’s true : there’s something to learn from each class. Whether it’s more mind focused like in Saturday’s class or deepening a pose like Sunday or testing your strength like often in Monday night classes.

Which I didn’t go to this week. Again. Having the day off, I went to the gym mid day and the idea of having an early night was too alluring and a rare chance.

Since both my snooze button & blood-sugars won this morning over the gym I’m going to attempt a yoga class at the gym – we’ll see how that battle goes against work.


Your turn:

Any yoga goals for the new year?

Do you prefer a certain type of environment / studio ? 


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I have to say that tweens was the hardest age group I’ve taught yoga to. 3-6 was my  target audience and that one summer I taught high schoolers I had only graduated a year before but it was in a library vs. a camp so I had better control. Still traumatized by the girls who sat Macrame-ing on the mat ignoring yoga time. Maybe because I never had my camp experience? Anywayssss, I totally would have checked out this video for guidance Bendigirl Yoga for Girls  , {fitbottom mamas}

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Monday Night Yoga: Core Strength & Exhale


Exhale Slow Flow {taught by Stefanie Eris}

This class is perfect for you if you are just starting out or want to work on improving form and positioning. Exhale slow flow is a dynamic series that will breakdown yoga postures and focus on alignment. Enjoy an experience that can help to deepen your practice, build strength and flexibility, and at a level of challenge that will be determined by you.

I forgot what it’s like to do yoga in a studio.
Dark. Soothing. Quiet.
After spending so much time away from a studio I was intimidated by Exhale, it’s poshness, advanced classes and the devoted cries from Core Fusion.
Convincing a co-worker of mine to come to a class, the 1x yogi  & I opted for the slow gentle class over Core Fusion.
Even though, I’ve long ago over come any intimidation or self-doubt in yoga practice  (what’s going on on my mat is my situation – what’s going on on yours is yours) I still needed someone to walk through the door with.

One thing I couldn’t figure out : Do you bring a mat or is one provided? And not in the rent a mat for $2  type way. Answer: They have everything you could need  – props, water cooler, mat, locker room – all provided.

Already tight from skipping the past two weeks and my morning run, I was ready to sink into my muscles and feel the deeper stretch. Oh boy. I forgot how studio instructors will help make adjustments to your positioning. Some people may feel that as invasion of space – I think of it as close to a massage as I’m going to get as they help me reach deeper into the pose.

Lots of hip openers. I’m so use to my IT bands being the cause of attention to my legs. This week it has been every other muscles.

 I should be aiming at one class per week at Exhale.

 So despite the fact that I winced in that #hurtssogood kind of way all Monday morning, I knew more yoga would only make it better.

Lucky for me it was all about the core.

Boat Pose Yoga Journal{source

When I saw that the pose of the day was Boat Pose I sighed with relief, yay nothing crazy for when I was already hobbling. 

Again, little did I know. 

Hello abs, I know you’ve been a little neglected, time to get worked.

Early into the class we were holding planks and the instructor calls out “push through it” only to walk over and play some 80s hip hop “push through it song.” Planks are hard. Planks while laughing are harder. 

And my yoga adventures continue as I have another Urban Girl Squad event at Pure Yoga tomorrow night with a former co-worker.


Your Turn:


 Have you ever been intimidated to take a group class? 

Are you a studio or gym yogi?


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