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Valentine’s Day

I should have done a tally of how many men I saw carrying flowers on my run & commute to work this morning. When I got back from my run there was an Edible Arrangement van filled with deliveries right outside my building….I don’t know how he missed my apartment….

I’m neither one of those girls that wears all black and curses Hershey’s & Hallmark (why would anyone refuse a chance to get chocolate?) nor am I decked out in Pink & Red (apparently I don’t have a lot of it in my closet) sending hearts & candygrams to every friend/acquaintance/stranger.

Though I do (obnoxiously) call the people dear to me “love” all the time.
As well as buttercup & sunshine and anything else that peps me up.

I have soccer tonight & my team already declared that we’re each others Valentine and will buy each other a drink after the game.

Works for me.

But if I didn’t, this would be hands down the best way to spend this evening.

Meanwhile, I’ll smile at the sweet gestures I spy, continue to geek out over the way marketers leverage the day {whether aiming at the last-minute guys or the “I love myself” girls} and enjoy the pink, red & gold that has splashed the design & fashion blogs I stalk.

I did get into the spirit last night with the Tone It Up Valentine’s Day Routine

 When I first read it I thought it said complete 6x and thought there was no way in hell that was happening – going through the entire thing once was enough for me.

Then I realized I wouldn’t be cutting it as short as I thought.
And I should read directions.
How I did it: 
Heart with Leg Abductions (15x each leg)
Front Core Kick (20x each leg)
repeat both
Curtsey Lunge (20x each leg)
Side Lunge (15x each leg)
Glute Kick-Back (20x each leg)
Heart Shaped Tummy Tuck (20x … did on my forearms whoops)
Warm Hug (20x)
Heart Leg Abduction (20x)
Cupid Arrow (20x … pretty sure I just did circles)
Tricep Dips (20x)
(….push-ups were not happening & this was the first thing to come to mind to swap)
 Heart Shaped Tummy Tuck (20x…realized I needed to be in pushup form) 
Warm Hug (20x)
Heart Leg Abduction (20x each leg)
Fly Like Cupid (20x)
Heart Shaped Boot Bridges (20x)
Love Crunches (20x)
V-Sits (25x)
Get work out HERE 


Favorite Finds


I already know it makes me feel better…but can help with Math?? Pass me a kiss please. 

101 of America’s Most Crazy Awesome New Desserts – Grub Hub

 I need an excuse for a breakfast meeting so I can go celebrate Pancake Month at Clinton St. Baking

The history of Sweetheart Candies {#mktggeekalert}

10 reasons running is a better Valentine than Ryan Gosling 

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Weekend Workouts : Grumpy cross-training & heavy legs

Saturday was cross-training. An impromptu brunch (one of the best kinds) allowed me to put off the gym until the early evening. I was in full brat mode … idontwaaaanaaa. I decided to split up the machines to prevent surrendering to boredom & quitting (dramatic much?).

10 min on the bike level 10 random hills

25 min on the elliptical mixed intervals

5 min on the treadmill backwards on a high incline.

The bike was right behind the stairmasters with no TV and no magazine – made for some awkward times. I refuse to use the stairmaster since I live in a walk up.

This workout was not one away from a good mood. But then again life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine and sometimes you just deal with it.


I did get in a very happy mood after I came home & showered


On Sunday I play a stupid game of yoga before run or run before yoga while starting to pack up my apartment.  By missing my morning choices I quickly booked a 5pm Vinyasa at Exhale before I could back out.

Of course I wished I did yoga first.

My legs were tight and heavy on Sunday’s 5 miler. I felt like I was going against these things:


RunKeeper lied to me again so I didn’t have accurate splits but I finished 5.42 miles in 59:54 minutes for average pace of 11:04. I’ll believe it. To be honest I thought I was closer to 12 (and not happy about it). After dropping my phone and shattering the back I ended the run at one of my neighborhood coffee shops. Perfect way to end.

One of the major drawbacks of me not really doing anything about a broken fridge/freezer: now I have no milk for coffee & ice packs aren’t cold for icing.

I did put in some quality time with the foam roller before heading out to meet a friend at Starbucks. Downing a coffee so I can go meet a friend for another coffee?

Yep, sounds about right.


Your turn:

How do you deal with grumpiness that doesn’t go away during a workout?

Favorite Finds

Apparently Glee had already planned for a nod to Whitney Houston in its Valentines Day Special … while Jennifer Hudson did an awesome tribute at the  Grammys , Amber Riley nailed it.

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Friday Favorites: 1.27

How sweet is this surprise date?


Carrot Cake cupcakes that are grain-free and only 3 carbs ? Yes please! {found via this recipe round-up}


Tina {Carrot ‘n’ Cake} shared Harvard’s alternative MyPlate : Healthy Eating Plate


I’m all for chick flicks but I don’t know about this


This parenting trick for hypochondriac drama. I want to parent like that.


If you haven’t already since this video, I first spotted on Rachel’s post, it reminds me of the physical strength that comes from yoga  – not just the inner focus.



I sort of wish that instead of bowls of oatmeal I had this breakfast treat to jack me up on sugar. I mean hazelnut cream cheese  – they make that?? How did I not know of this?

Other “breakfast” goodies brought to you by Iowa Girl Eats : Blueberry Muffin Top Cookies. Muffin + Cookies?? Who wants to make me some?  My doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week and at the rate I’m going 4 miles tomorrow requires serious carb loading. Please?


More yumminess: when I haven’t been shoveling oatmeal or downing juice or glucose tablets I’ve been mixing up my lunch routine. After months of {veggie} sushi I brought back turkey and/or veggie sandwiches. Todays : Smoke Turkey, hummus, apple & basil. #ohmydeliciousness.



Today is rainy & gray in NYC so I’m having fun playing with a new “Pop of Color” board  on Pinterest

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Monday Night Yoga: Free time to Exhale

 So I had grand plans that if we were given the week off between Christmas & New Years I would take full advantage of all the fitness classes my gym offers which I don’t usually get to go to,  as well as finally use passes to Pure Yoga and my gift certificate to Exhale.

Sometimes too many options and too much time leads to little action. 

But I did get to 2 Exhale classes. Both Slow Flow – aiming for a restorative approach and working on the whole knee/hip/groin thing.


I went Saturday to the UES 12:15 with Diana Rilov. I went to the gym for a quick 30 min cardio warm up first and since I’m awful with timing and estimating how long it takes to get some place (and thinking the studio was closer to the gym than it was) I had to hustle – when it started to rain – wtf anyone else get caught in that quick shower? I snuck into class (luckily I wasn’t the only one so I wasn’t completely disruptive). Maybe it was because I jumped in but I was out of synch with the instructor. It was also my first time in that location and it’s a lot brighter. In a true NYC moment there was a fight between two women that involved a (barking) dog. Channel that Zen! At one point we went into that 1/2 table top 1/2 wheel pose. I actually have no idea what it’s called – I’d go with reaching table – but when someone asked the instructor her reply was “I don’t know but we just do it because it’s fun!” At first I thought she was a little batty but as she kept on exclaiming “it’s fun!” I realized that sometimes being on the mat isn’t only about letting it go to find that center point – sometimes it’s just about letting go and not any deeper than that.

{urban yoga girl via pin}

Since I jumped straight into the practice I also didn’t really see who I was practicing with until 1/2 way through the class. I was the youngest one there which is how I started out but far different from my usual gym class. It’s actually easier for me to not compare / judge / be competitive in that environment.


Just as I ended the previous year, I started the new one off with another Exhale class. This time at the Central Park South location where I’ve been previously. This location is to me a more traditional studio – darker & quieter. The instructor was Danielle Lee and her style was what I needed – she focused on legs & alignment.


It’s cliché & all zen sounding but it’s true : there’s something to learn from each class. Whether it’s more mind focused like in Saturday’s class or deepening a pose like Sunday or testing your strength like often in Monday night classes.

Which I didn’t go to this week. Again. Having the day off, I went to the gym mid day and the idea of having an early night was too alluring and a rare chance.

Since both my snooze button & blood-sugars won this morning over the gym I’m going to attempt a yoga class at the gym – we’ll see how that battle goes against work.


Your turn:

Any yoga goals for the new year?

Do you prefer a certain type of environment / studio ? 


Favorite Finds

The cost (time & money) of becoming a yoga instructor (of which there are over 50,000 of in the US). {yoga journal}

I’m pretty sure my liver is healthy (that whole not drinking thing…) but here are some yoga poses to help detox from the holidays. {blisstree}

I have to say that tweens was the hardest age group I’ve taught yoga to. 3-6 was my  target audience and that one summer I taught high schoolers I had only graduated a year before but it was in a library vs. a camp so I had better control. Still traumatized by the girls who sat Macrame-ing on the mat ignoring yoga time. Maybe because I never had my camp experience? Anywayssss, I totally would have checked out this video for guidance Bendigirl Yoga for Girls  , {fitbottom mamas}

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Friday Favorites: 12.23

Ryan Gosling in Drunk History Christmas Lesson 

Calories in Homemade Christmas Cookies | Yum Sugar

I love Boo .

There’s a Pinterest copycat … not sure how I feel about that.

Jamba Juice is looking to enter the school market

Christmas around the world


Love this look from Kendi  – would be my perfect holiday outfit if I was staying up North.


I love love love my Orthopedic Surgeon – super friendly, supportive & got excited chatting marathon with him. Plus both he & the other doctor were suited up with red bow ties & everything – classy for the holidays.


I’m in control of the office TV today – we’re watching ABC Family Christmas movies.

In my defense I was looking for Elf – instead we’re watching Holiday in Handcuffs 



Your turn:

What’s your holiday style ? Dress it up or keep it comfy? 

Do you get / wear special holiday PJs? 

What’s your favorite holiday movie ? 

Elf, Home Alone, Santa Claus 


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Friday Favorites: 12.16


Cafe Misto with Soy Milk & Nutmeg
(+ chipped manicure – it lasted a day)


My Team for Kids shirt came in the mail!
This is the first of many to come “this is real” moments.
Time to get serious.



Hand delivered clients out. A few mailings to go. Secret Santa gift under the tree. Heading to holiday party in T-minus 1 hour.


I demonstrated some serious yoga deep breathing & patience in the holiday crowd.

One of my injuries is already hurting from all the obstacle running around the city I did today. I haven’t put on the heels to start the dance moves yet. I foresee a lot of icing in my near future.


You never know what someone’s going through | Katy Widrick

I’m not sending out cards this year except for one: Send a Card to Max | PB Fingers

Life is full of decisions. Not all have to be difficult. Love this holiday interactive video from Madewell.







Monday Night Yoga: Slow & steady like a Tortoise




With a groin injury, knee flare up & pinched neck/shoulder (I think ?) this was soooo not my pose. Hell, my knee wasn’t even liking lunges last night.

This most definitely didn’t happen.


  There was 0.02 seconds where I tried but then realized it was not going to even come close – and that’s ok.

Nothing about that pose was in my cards for the night so I’ll accept how far I got.

Not my best class – things hurt. But that’s what being on your mat is all about – listening to your body. After changing, I had 15 minutes before class – that rules out any cardio warm up since the class gets so crowded. Last night was the first time I felt the difference. I didn’t break a sweat (a rare occasion), even though cold air was drafting in I wore more clothes than I did during my morning run.  My body missed the warm up and every move felt more disconnected & as if I was playing a game “what hurts.”


Your turn:

What’s a fitness move / yoga pose that you think is “easy” but your body just goes “nah, not gonna happen”?

Are you more frustrated when you can’t get into an easy pose even though you’ve done it before or you can’t do a new harder pose?


Favorite Finds:

Yoga Cookie Cutters | via Fit Sugar

My step-mom got yoga cookies from a student one year that were awesome, I couldn’t find them the following year – but how much fun would it be to make you own yoga class out of cookies? I would totally have a yoga cookie party if I was still teaching!