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Recap on Thanksgiving Fun: 

There’s only one thing that brings me to Worcester … an amazing friend from my senior year in college. She invited me up for her Friendsgiving celebration, not only were we long overdue for a visit, but her friends and family are just as welcoming and fun as she is. I took Friday off from work (still getting use this whole vacation concept but it was much-needed) and we spent the day indulging in girly activities & party planning. She even found decoration inspiration from P (so proud since I convinced her she had to join – she also joined Instagram after seeing me take pictures – I will turn the gang into social media mavens!) 

It was a take-a-break-from-the-city getaway.
Plus I found a cape! In one of those I would have walked right past it unless my friend pointed it out type of way.

Dare I say that the food was even better than my actual Thanksgiving Meal ?

It was most definitely!

It was my second year doing the Montauk Turkey Trot. It’s a total family race (no one wears costumes though! I did see a few hats & shirts…), my stepmom has been doing it for a while & runs it with their dog while my dad cheers us on.

Last year was bitterly cold in the 30s. This year couldn’t have been better – sunny & in the 50s.
I clocked in at 28:56 – a PR!

After the race we stopped by the beach (pretty much required when your parents surf), it was awesome seeing so many people out being active before feasting.

In true #willrunforcoffee spirit, our drive home was a hunt for a coffee place still open. We came across (ok drove past but I made them stop) Jack’s Coffee. I actually worked across the street just after I graduated college, sad that it popped up once I left.


Not only are they serious about their coffee but the place is awesomely decorated.
Tons of details.

20111129-150155.jpg     20111129-150239.jpg

Afterwards, I stopped by to visit with my aunt & cousins and we went for a walk. I got on the skateboard but was not brave enough to have the dog pull me – instead I had my cousin do it! There was a period when I was about 10 maybe that her & I would skateboard after school with her brothers. She was 5. Pretty sure we were both pulled along back than too.


My dad makes fun of me for being a NYC’er who wears black all the time (I was in fact wearing all black when I traveled out) but I showed him!
Busted out the fall colors for Thanksgiving.
We had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. I’m becoming a fan of this tradition since it’s a small group & we’re all adults. However I wasn’t overly impressed with this place. My parents just did a vegan detox and are adopting a more vegan lifestyle (with tons of flexibility) – the restaurant was owned by the same people who ran the program so they offered a special menu. Nothing caught my eye so I went for the traditional plate : Turkey (eh), mashed potatoes (didn’t even try them), stuffing (the best part – the doughiest I’ve ever had), veggies (over steamed kind). There wasn’t even cranberry sauce! I missed brussel sprouts & sweet potatoes.

Since they forgot our bread basket before hand and everything was nicely portioned out there was no over-indulging. I made up for that the next night …

Funny enough, I used to work across the street from here as well (same company too, just the year before) but always overlooked it. I had no idea it was a vegetarian / vegan restaurant.  There was a bread basket here! Plus warm pita & hummus. I tried scallops for the first time with sautéed spinach, pecans and butternut squash. My dad & I split the vegan carrot cake (my stepmom & I were sorely missing having pie leftovers …she got an apple crumb). I can’t wait to try out more from the menu!

I was feeling the indulgence – I mistakenly wore jeans that night. I was dropped off at my high school best friend’s house since I was crashing with her for the night – I felt like I was 14 again. After we went out for drinks meeting up with my other best friend and our newly engaged friend (!). The was talk about how one who just completed culinary school baked & shared pies …when we got home C & I had one thing in mind – digging in to Tate’s Pumpkin Pie.

I headed back to the city Saturday midday to do some shopping & errands. Meeting up with a friend that evening, I completed my Thanksgiving feasting at Peacefood Cafe. After we split the dumplings (delish!) I got asian pumpkin & brussel sprouts – exactly what had been missing! At first glance the side dish had no hopes of being enough but by the time I finished we had to wait for dessert! Which was gelato from Screme – of course I got pumpkin pie.

So while I haven’t been seeing how many ways I can remix leftovers, I’ve certainly had my fix of culinary delights. And good company!


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{Weekend Recap}: Group Run & Exhale Yoga

Sunday was another :

 + Group Run

This time, since there were less girls, they encouraged us to step up a group. Pretty sure I kept the same pace by moving from beginners to intermediate but instead of running pretty much solo with a coach, I go to talk marathons with a bunch of girls. It was pretty cool to hear from girls running NYC ’12 and go me too!

It was a good run, we kept up a conversation and it was under 3 miles – nothing crazy. However, the fact that I chugged a latte and didn’t eat anything before, mixed with the blood sugar mess, I had to walk the last 1/4 of a mile or so. My blood sugar ended up being high not low go figure.

I felt my calves tighten up towards the end of the run, which I thought was silly. By the time I was headed home I wanted to crawl back and I put my compression sleeves on as soon as I walked in the door.

I ran a few quick errands (meaning hitting my 5 flights of stairs a few times) before heading back to Central Park to meet a friend for my first Exhale Yoga class. I received a very generous gift certificate to Exhale at the same time I injured my shoulder so I’ve put off going to a class for quite a while. And I was straight up intimidated by Core Fusion after a co-worker (spinning nut & marathoner) told me it brought her to tears. So I decide to go easy for the first session.

Or so I thought.

In tomorrow’s Monday Night Yoga I’ll compare studio vs. gym and how an Slow Flow class kicked my butt (and hips….and back).


Your turn:
Have you ever taken a Core Fusion class before?

What’s your favorite part of group runs? 


Favorite Finds

Could you imagine being Bob Harper’s personal trainer?  | FBG

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Monday Night Yoga: Breathing, Balancing & Boys

Tonights we took a break from planks and strength poses and focused on balance and breathing.

I’ve learned to carry over yoga breathing into everyday stressful situations (ie: work) – like how some people count to 10 – as a pause button. But I haven’t fully developed my breathing practice on the mat. I’m often out of sync, thinking about other things, or aim my attention at the poses …. I know, I know, that’s missing a big focus of yoga.

It’s just not my favorite part which is why I steer clear of Kundalini classes.

[ Funny note: I was trained in the Kundalini method for teaching kids – some how when you get to imagine colors & bubbles & fire-breathing dragons it’s more fun.]

After some alternate nostril breathing (by the way – 16 counts is long!) we moved on to balancing.

The class was crowded and I definitely felt that having limited space and being so close to people added a challenge.

The pose of the day was lord of the dance.

lord of the dance , natarajasana


At first glance this seemed super easy in comparison to the recent challenges, this is something that I do variations of while waiting for the subway or at the office.  One of those “stretch while you brush your teeth” poses.

But what’s nice about doing a “simpler pose” is digging a little deeper and really finding the right alignment . And sometimes even taking it a step farther

 and it goes even further. But we didn’t go there  – I had trouble even grasping my foot in both hands so I just worked on the details of the basic version.

mens yoga{source: not my dad, wasn’t in my class either but find out what a man should wear to yoga}

My dad was the one to introduce me to yoga so while I know yoga can be perceived as girly, I also know that real men do yoga too. My favorite instructor is male.

But that said, I do have to agree that  majority of my classes are filled with women.

Sometimes I see guys with girlfriends or girl friends.

Last night, next to me were a group of guys. I couldn’t tell if they were completely new or just starting out.

In my anthropological nature, I found it interesting to see how these guys handled the challenges. To me there’s something almost more impressive with someone wobbling through a pose but figuring themselves out  than a person who effortlessly & beautifully transforms.


Your turn:

Do you find balance or strength poses more challenging ?

Do you enjoy breathing exercises?

 Is your yoga class pretty balanced in gender?


Favorite Finds:

5 reasons you can’t do a headstand yet | Fit Sugar

Yoga proven to relive back pain | Fit Sugar

My first yoga poses were for back pain – my dad taught me stretches to counteract the heavy weight of my books & backpack. 

6 things to know before buying your first yoga mat | Fit Sugar

ok ok, maybe you should just go check out Fit Sugar because they have tons of great features.

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Monday Night Yoga : Holy Binds & finding a new goal

I think my yoga teacher somehow got the notice that I need to build arm strength.

There has been a lot of planks lately!

And arm balances.

And binds.


{yoga journal}

My ribs hurt on Tuesday, in that I didn’t know I even had those muscles kind of way.

But! What needs to go in bold is that I held this pose…only for a max of 2 seconds but feet were off the ground!

Take that arms.

Actually while doing the pose, there was a lot of sighing from the class and giving up but I didn’t feel defeated because I actually got closer to it than I thought I would. I realized that step of finding support on your triceps is crucial, once you’re comfortable there it’s easier to complete the movements.

Crow has been one of the poses I like to challenge myself the most with, I think this will also become one of my new goals.


Your turn:

Do you have a goal pose? 


Favorite Finds:

While none of these really fit my daily routine, here’s 26 ways to reuse an old yoga mat  | fit sugar

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Monday Night Yoga: Planks, Handstands & Newbies

I lied last week when I said there was a ton of planks. I didn’t know what I was talking about. Tonight had a ton of planks.  Like before we even got into some downward dogs. My shoulder was not a fan of this idea but I was determined to give it a worthy try. I knew that even  aside from the shoulder – my arm strength is nowhere near handstand level (goal?).  But! But that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to try. You’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t practice right? Isn’t that what they say?

Yoga Journal: Adho Mukha Vrksasana

I got as far as donkey kicks {what? I used to teach kids, they will always be donkey kicks to me}

Some other things I noticed in tonight’s class:

The girl next to me was wearing socks.

I also think she’s a beginner – I’m not judging I’m just saying that was a hard class to walk into & I hope it didn’t discourage her (b/c have I mentioned I love the instructor?)

There were two girls who were chatting before class that seemed knew as well – kind of that “what should we expect / what are we getting into” vibe – it made me smile – like welcome to the club.

{gah, sound pretentious much?}

Since last week was crazy packed, tonight when I got to the gym 25-20 minutes before class I decided to forgo cardio so that I could properly line up 15 min before hand.

Go figure, it was a 1/3 crowded.


Your turn:

Have you ever worn socks during a yoga class?

Have you ever wanted to encourage someone next to you during a class?

What’s your favorite arm toning pose ?


Favorite Finds:

Speaking of kid’s yoga : The Value of Kids Yoga Classes | NY Wellness Guide

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Monday Night Yoga: Crowded Shoulder Stands

I know I say this often but : I love my Monday night yoga class, and I’m not alone.  I was in line 10 minutes before class which got me one of the last mats & a make shift spot. And people squeezed in after. Short of being mat-to-mat, I think that may have been the most crowded class yet.

source: yoga journal


The pose of the day [I never paid attention to this but my teacher is now on twitter and has made official poses of the day] was shoulder stand. Boy did we work our way up. LOTS of chaturangas and upward dog. Despite the crowd , it was a great class; I felt strong, built up a sweat and worked my arms.


Your turn:

Do you walk out of a crowded class or squeeze into a spot?

Do you know the longest you’ve ever held a shoulder stand?

The instructor mentioned how 15 minutes was recommended from Light on Yoga


Favorite Finds: 

There’s a great article in the October issue of SELF magazine : The trials of a chubby yogi.

 Having been the kid in an adult class from the start I learned not to compare myself. But now more among peers, I can’t help notice at times that I’m often the line-backer of the class: a head taller and far from the slimmest & most graceful of the bunch.  Thought the article was a refreshing perspective. 


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Falling into September

How many references to songs / movies / quotes with September in it did you hear yesterday?

: apartment therapy”]

No matter how many years I’ve been out of school [sigh], September still brings that back – to-school, fresh start feeling. As much as I love sunshine & warm weather, I’m realizing that Fall is my favorite season. Summers have always been crazy busy…trying to make the most of all that sunshine. Once Labor Day hits, it allows for a collective deep breath and an ease into Fall.

Now, I’m not busting out the cans of pumpkin yet and despite constant re-pinning of riding boots, I’m getting a few more wears out of my sandals.

But there’s something collective about September and Fall. It’s a time for many birthday celebrations. Funny how birthdays are often grouped together in my life. Work friends are June – August, cousins (& me!) are in March, family adults are in September and the majority of my nearest & dearest are between now & November.

Yeah, my workouts have been non-existent these past two weeks but time to jump back into feeling healthy.

Time to get focused.

And to enjoy all the things I love of this way too short perfect weather!

And one of my favorite things about September?


: Refinery29″]: Refinery29″]


Your turn:

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

Did you have a back-to-school tradition?

Any new goals set?

What are your long weekend plans? 


Favorite Finds:

Why was I not relaxing on one of these all summer??

Yogurt Brulee 

Great post from Foodtrainers dealing with the question is it ever ok to give unsolicited nutrition advice?