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exploring the mix of fun, fitness & health…as a diabetic

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3/25: Run

Goal: 10k

Ran: 8 miles

Time: 01:27:00 | 10:39

Injuries: super tight hips 

Since there was no 10k I decided that trying another long run and figuring out fueling was more important over speed and timing. 

Bloodsugar before: 146

Ate : Pretzels + lavash w. 1/2 pkt J’s Almond Butter w. honey 

Mile 6: 90 

Ate: 4 Gu Chomps 

After: 113

Runkeeper was screwy, it didn’t pause properly when I stopped to do a blood test at mile 6 – you can see it in mile 7 (75 minutes for a mile?!). 


miPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)19:501729:38-38310:2653410:34-38510:309610:40-10775:4042810:55-1899:42

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3/11: Run

Goal: 7 

Ran: 7.11

Time:  1:12:45 | 10:14

This was my longest run since the summer (as will be all future long runs).

Bloodsugar before: 133 

Ate : vitamuffin + lavaish w. 1/2 pkt of Justin’s PB & honey 

Mile 5: 135

Ate: 2 glucose tablets since 2 miles left (apparently not necessary) 

Bloodsugar after: 156 

noted that this was an evening running. 

This is the most consistant my bloodsugars have ever been during a run – especially for a longer one. 

Felt like a strong solid run – not much different than a 3 miler. No notable pain / tweaks – wore compression sleeves. 

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2/5: Run

Goal: 4

Run: 5.09 

Time: 0:51:37 | 10:08

New sneakers. Awesome run. This should have foreshadowed shin splints. 

Fastest speed for that distance yet. 

Went super low (37) while running errands which delayed run, overcorrected and went up to 400. To prevent skipping run (and try out new sneakers!) I did 7 units. I had just under a serving of oatbran with peanut butter before heading out. 

Ended the run at 118.