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So this is happening.

As of the moment I have 13 miles planned for that day as part of my NYC Marathon training, so why not? I need another 1/2 to redeem my MORE/Fitness. Plus, I recruited one of my friends to do it with me (ok she ran Boston a few times so I say “with me” lightly) and it’ll be a hometown race of sorts as I grew up in Southampton and worked in East Hampton. Not to mention I stalked this girl as she trained for the full last year. Also, September is my favorite time of year out there. Apparently we were just in time as I signed the afternoon before registration closed and got her to sign up the morning of. 

Yay for goals & running with friends.  Hope my dad know’s he’ll be driving me to the start…


Goal update: 1 month in

A month in, let’s take a look back at my goals for 2012 shall we ?
1. Run NYC Marathon Signed up for the More/Fitness Magazine 1/2 marathon , scheduled doctors appointment to set up a plan & build a support team. 
2. Raise money for Team for Kids Time to step up the game on this one {you can help HERE!!} But I’ve put together some plans of actionn
3. Strength train I’m doing it! Still trying to find the right plan as right now I’m just grabbing a hodge podge of things but I’m still feeling Monday night’s circuit. 
4. Build arm strength This is on the agenda for tomorrow, a rest day for legs, but I can tell you that I’m feeling it a bit from #plankadays (when I do them) 
5. Floss regularly #fail. major #fail. I have a dentist appointment on Saturday. They’re going to be mad at me. 
6. Cook one new meal a month I made pancakes! I may have burnt them but they still came out yummy.  {following this recipe + a heavy smear of PB & honey} 
7. Aim for more balanced dinners I did! Morning workouts definitely help with this because I have more time in the evening. My attempts: 
1) Veggie burger w. spinach & laughing cow swiss cheese & balsamic vinaigrette on crackers
2) Spinach with feta, chickpeas, dried cranberries & {frozen} sweet potatoes 
3) {frozen} Butternut squash with dried cranberries, pecans, cinnamon & a drizzle of honey
8. Repair injuries – right shoulder, right groin, left knee (<<focus>>) left IT Band, left hip. I went to my orthopedic doctor to get clearance for the knee, trying to keep out of PT for the moment so icing a bunch and really trying to pay attention to strength training & stretching. 
9. Make my 11/11/11 wish come true. Oh bother. I am trying. This can’t come soon enough but as of right now I’m back at square one. 
10. Do wheel pose in yoga That would mean I’d have to be doing yoga and I haven’t been to good at that. 
11. Make smart financial decisions. Taking a shopping break after the holiday definitely helps. 
12. Include more veggies in my diet. I put shredded carrots in my maple brown sugar oatmeal – it’s like carrot cake muffin! Or it will be once I stop using the horrid rice protein powder but I’m cheap and want to use it all up.
13. Drink more water. Sigh, not enough. I picked up more Nuun tablets to help with the chugging. 
14. Try out new fitness classes. ummmm, this weekend??  Unless new yoga classes  at Exhale count!
15. Get involved in the health & wellness community. Soccer! Ok, that’s not what I originally had in mind. I’ve had some great discussions with a co-worker about how we can get more involved but I haven’t done anything yet. I’m going to blame it on having to move at the end of the month. 
Today’s workout: a sluggish 3.04 miles in 35:25 (11:39 m/m). I need to start brewing coffee before my run. Attempting to get some quick quad exercises in before bed, motivation: tomorrow is rest day and I get a little extra sleep! 
Your turn:
Any major progression in a 2012 goal for you?


A 6:30 min mile {lies}

Today was the return of morning runs outside.
After last weeks rough treadmill session plus the fall like weather it seemed like a must.
After a few snooze button attacks I woke up 90 which is perfect but my body felt low.
Mind over matter. 
The perfect am pre-run blood sugar, I just had to trust myself…and fight every urge to go for some gummies or glucose tablets.
I loaded up on some layers – probably too many but I get super cranky in the cold & mixed with pre-coffee crankiness that just didn’t seem smart.
Right from the start the run felt good, light and strong – a reminder of what it’s all about. At first runkeeper told me I was running an 8+ minute mile and I thought no way! but I was on a runners high so I just went with it.
And than it told me I was busting out 5 minute miles and covering 4 miles.
Lies. All lies. 

But I just kept the momentum figuring I was either breaking records or giving it my all.

It ended up only be 2.5 miles (I was aiming for 3 but it’s been so long that I forgot how far I needed to go to reach it). I could have kept on going but had to get back to shower & get ready for work. I didn’t want to let it ruin the endorphins but it kind of sucked that I came up short from my goal and totally could have killed that last 1/2.

Blood-sugars after: 124. {perfection}

Also – this whole trying to figure out strength training thing – I’m feeling it….I still get amazed how sometimes the littlest moves have the biggest impact. Now time to set up something similar for arms.

Time for some quick foam rolling and then

On another note: another lunch out today! This time with the office bestie. We felt like real midtown-ers. I however didn’t feel so hot after my lunch choices.


Your turn:

Do you eat at the office?
Do you pack your lunch?
Suggestions for non-refrigerate-able ideas??


Clear headed decision

Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” has been on repeat all day.

Partially because I’ve been playing the Ellie Goulding station at work. I go through phases.

So I’ve read the marathon recaps, I’ve signed up with Teams for Kids and I’ve started to tell my friends and family – I’m committed.  Deciding to run the 2012 NYC Marathon has been one of my most goal oriented, clear-headed and focus decisions ever. Heck it might even be the decision.

I know it’s not going to be easy. In the past 48 hours since confirming my decision my blood sugars have been a mess – almost to spite me. But some how the idea of the marathon makes me want to gain control more than anything in the past. I once had an eye doctor tell me I couldn’t get Lasik until my blood sugars were under control – something I hadn’t been trying to do my entire life or anything. Ok Doc, sure it’s so I can get rid of my contacts that I’ll all of a sudden figure this out, nothing to do with my future health, lifespan or any other threat.

But this challenge (which will be as much as the training and figuring out how this is going to happen as well as the race) will be my chance to tell my blood sugars (yeah I speak to “them” – calling me crazy?) ha! I win! Because it wont be easy and it wont always be fun but I don’t think for a second that it’s not doable.  Time to get my research on to find some success stories.

don't be afraid to fail



Your turn:

What’s the last song you played on repeat?

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What the H stairs???

What the H stairs???

After 6+ months of living in a 5th floor walk up, plus walking the escalators during my commutes, you would think stairs would be effortless. Not so much. All it’s done is add to some extremely tight calves. Last night I was seriously winded coming out of the subway – a far too familiar feeling.

I will conquer them. If for no other reason than their taunting me as I climb to the top panting while trying to pull it together and seem effortless in that NYC way.

Damn you stairs. I will be able to RUN up you with full victory…..Hopefully before it’s time to move out.