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Weekend Workouts : Grumpy cross-training & heavy legs

Saturday was cross-training. An impromptu brunch (one of the best kinds) allowed me to put off the gym until the early evening. I was in full brat mode … idontwaaaanaaa. I decided to split up the machines to prevent surrendering to boredom & quitting (dramatic much?).

10 min on the bike level 10 random hills

25 min on the elliptical mixed intervals

5 min on the treadmill backwards on a high incline.

The bike was right behind the stairmasters with no TV and no magazine – made for some awkward times. I refuse to use the stairmaster since I live in a walk up.

This workout was not one away from a good mood. But then again life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine and sometimes you just deal with it.


I did get in a very happy mood after I came home & showered


On Sunday I play a stupid game of yoga before run or run before yoga while starting to pack up my apartment.  By missing my morning choices I quickly booked a 5pm Vinyasa at Exhale before I could back out.

Of course I wished I did yoga first.

My legs were tight and heavy on Sunday’s 5 miler. I felt like I was going against these things:


RunKeeper lied to me again so I didn’t have accurate splits but I finished 5.42 miles in 59:54 minutes for average pace of 11:04. I’ll believe it. To be honest I thought I was closer to 12 (and not happy about it). After dropping my phone and shattering the back I ended the run at one of my neighborhood coffee shops. Perfect way to end.

One of the major drawbacks of me not really doing anything about a broken fridge/freezer: now I have no milk for coffee & ice packs aren’t cold for icing.

I did put in some quality time with the foam roller before heading out to meet a friend at Starbucks. Downing a coffee so I can go meet a friend for another coffee?

Yep, sounds about right.


Your turn:

How do you deal with grumpiness that doesn’t go away during a workout?

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